Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Press Club

Rachel popped over from Brisbane for a few days as she has an interview with her potential University next year, so she's crashing at mine. We ate dumplings for lunch then just bummed around the city.

I got my Blackberry today! It looks really lovely but its boring to me right now because my service provider is being lame. I think they'll call me tomorrow morning.

I am so bleughgh these days because of the sticky heat, and I have to open the window to air out the place but then creeps in my phobias - bugs. I've already had a moth, spider, fruit flies and a weird stick bug reside at my place.

Pancake took me to eat my dream restaurant with his friends yesterday. Its called The Press Club on Flinders Street and it is owned by George Colombaris from Masterchef. We had the degustation which compromised of 6 meals. I chose a white wine to compliment, and it was my first restaurant that provided sparkling water like tap water.
It was beautiful and a dinner full of foodgasms!

These came out of like a dry ice bowl and it just melted in your mouth!