Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Badtz Maru

Remember how Quinton and I finito'd the collection of 15 stickers from 7/11 to retrieve the charm? Well we strutted our way down to 7/11, howled at the lady to give us attention and stop counting money, handed her our proud sheet of stickers and kindly asked, "The Badtz Maru Charm please!"

She threw us a box, sealed.. and said - you can't choose the charm, its random.
Quinton and I were totally thinking WTFOMGBBQ as we worked so hard to try and get this Badtz Maru charm as an add on to my necklace.

I told Quinton we could hope that the grumpy old lady might be lucky but we both knew that we were doomed. I'm never lucky and neither is he, and we especially suck at those random box collection things (eg. Smorkin Labbits - I have failed and got the same one many times)

As we mumbled and grumbled our way to the train station, I opened the box to find, scream, and grab/shake Quinton - "OMG THAT OLD LADY WAS LUCKY!!! IT'S BADTZ MARU!!!"
I couldn't believe my eyes, and neither could Quinton's because I saw them swell in size to absorb the sight of the beautiful black duckling. I AM SO HAPPY! Our luck was like 1/30 or 3.33% chance!
Now the charm means the following to me
1) Hong Kong
2) Quinton
3) Music
4) Luck

Moving on to stories that don't take 5 minutes of life to occur but 500 words to write, we ate Tonkatsu at Tonkichi which was beeeauutifuull! Oh the pork loin was above heavenly!

Hey creepy deena...

We looked around Causeway Bay, Quinton bought shoes from the i.T department store, saw celebrities shopping about again, caught a tram down to Central, looked around Soho and then went to Quinton's family apartment (yeah not much to say because I just walked around).

Junk market..

Soho stairs that are hectically tiring (pain in the ass)

Does anyone.. know who this random dude playing with a rubber hand is?

Awww go to sleep my dear stranger on the train... (I'm so mean!)

We then all drove out to New Territory.. the area that connects Hong Kong to China! I find it amazing that where I was it takes 20 minutes to go to Shenzhen, China. I think Hong Kong is so convenient, Macau here, Taiwan there and China next door.
One of the aunties brews her own plum wine, it was awesome but strong!

Quinton's cutie pie family - I insisted on not ruining the family photo

Jerry, Naomi and Ton Ton

Dude on left, Uncle Donny. He used to cut my family's hair when I first moved to Australia for a few years! Who would've thought that ten years later I'd be jamming with his nephew, Quinton and becoming good friends! The other dude in the photo is Jerry, his son. Hahaha it's a small world after all~

But oh boy! Was this restaurant succulent! It was a combination of toothsome Western with decadent Chinese - which meant that sometimes odd dishes did come out. I was also really sad when I realised that the majority of dishes were shellfish which means poor, poor Deena had to cop stomach (from missing out) and mental abuse (from everyone teasing me as they ate in slow motion).

AEAIWEJA GIVING BIRTH TO A COOKED CHICKEN, at least it's coming out head first like normal right?

The rare moments where I see Quinton's inner child - and realise that he's not that much older. He was tying his new shoes' laces and I could see his retail happiness glowing.

We went home, chilled with music then slept. My polaroid skills are cool right? Quinton looks like an Asian superstar but then look down at the home sandals he's wearing....


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that jerry guy looks like this guy who lives down my street O:
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