Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dreams Come True

Woke up and made STEAK for brunch! Unfortunately I kind of failed as I put it on while the pan didn't have any heat. Later on, the pan got really hot and all the oil exploded into a ball of fire, hitting the roof of the exhaust fan! I felt like an Iron chef, but I freaked out and just screamed, "WHAT DO I DO? WHAT DO I DO? SOMEONE PUT IT OUT!"

We made cream potatoes and pepper sauce and ate the meal while Mulan 2 was on TV. So, my childhood dream was to become Mulan. I remember watching the movie with my father, one of the only ones I remember going to the cinemas with him at a tender age. After coming out of the cinemas, I was thinking - "I am Mulan."

Anyway as Mulan 2 played on TV I was still thinking "I am Mulan" and also spared thought to General Shang being ultimately sexy. So noble, suave, bold and handsome. His chiseled jaw line and muscular figure sent my head into the clouds. Someone find me General Shang to whisk me away on his white stag horse!!!!!!!
Dream man..

I nearly wanted to cry when he fell into the mist of the canyon but revived myself by thinking, they wouldn't kill a main character off in a children's movie and break my heart that much.

I then remembered that I wished to see the Disney exhibition before it closed, and I had a few days left so I hurried on into the city to catch the end of the Disney "Dreams Come True" exhibition (gathered from the archives of the Walt Disney Research Library).

It was good but not as good as I expected. After having visited the Tim Burton one last year I expected the exhibition to be of the same detail. They had a lot on the first few feature movie length films done by cell painting such as Snow White, Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast. They then had the modern Disney movies of Tangled and Princess & the Frog.

They also show cased Disney's earlier works of the Silly Symphonies (such as the Ugly Duckling). The only Mickey Mouse thing they had was Mickey and the Beanstalk, and that didn't even have much on it. Surprising right? Seeing as Mickey is an unavoidable icon of the Disney world.

It was interesting to see how far Disney had come, even looking at the smaller details of the character's maquettes from the rough cut of Dopey the dwarf to the defined Rapunzel in Tangled 2010.

I was so so so disappointed when the exhibition catalogue had been sold out and there were no plans to reprint so I walked out empty handed except a bundle of brochures I grabbed in sadness. Don't worry, I'll find a massive Disney devotion book somewhere! It'll be more detailed than that exhibition!

One of my new dreams to be put into my dream book is to collect all my favourite Disney movies. My mum gave all our video tapes away without telling us years ago!

Chris and I left with our stomachs rumbling so we started to head for Japanese at Sushi Masa as we craved ox tongue. We walked about 7 blocks in the winter cold to find that the restaurant was closed for Easter Sunday. We moved on to Izakaya Chuji as we knew they had ox tongue as well. That was another 4 blocks to find that it was closed as well. We walked all the way back to Swanston to try and think of other restaurants we knew.

We didn't know any so we sat at a bench and googled Japanese restaurants. I called a few to find they were either booked or closed. Then Chris called one that we liked the sound of - Ishiya Stonegrill. They've gotta have ox tongue at a stone grill right? Anyway, we called and the lady said that everything is booked out for the night except for two window seats. We said we'd come check it out.

I was expecting window seats as in sitting on a bench with lots of people facing the window. But no, the window seat was a small table isolated from the rest of the restaurant where everyone can enjoy our free advertising of a meal. We laughed but we took the seats.

There was a huge flower ornament next to us where all the wine, business brochures and cards were displayed. The flower kept joining our meal by dipping itself into our drinks, or swishing past our faces.

We ordered ox tongue, chicken karaage, pork belly on a daikon ginger chilli salad, and a wagyu stone grill (and a selection of 5 sauces) with 7 sashimi piece side. The wagyu steak was like 56 bucks but oh my gosh, it was SO beautiful!

The stone grill only ever cooks the skin so as the steak sits there, it still stays as a good medium rare. When you cut off the little pieces, you just sear the sides, dip it in a sauce and pop it in your mouth. The beef seriously just melts. Ahhh I am salivating now thinking about it.

Chris had a chocolate waffle and I had green tea and strawberry guava icecream scoops. The strawberry guava was disappointing. I wish I didn't order it because when I walked back to the car my mouth was freezing from the sorbet.

I hate red bean.. I was so sad when they mixed it with my Green Tea Icecream!

Then I enjoyed my Sunday night crime time! I love The Mentalist and CSI.