Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I spent my entire day in bed, just planning and thinking. I might have another adventure up my sleeve. I spent the entire day researching and planning an itinerary, looking up tickets etc.

I won't spare details until I actually book it! But I'm excited.
Me and AJ's bathroom's lightbulb died so we've been peeing in darkness... The bathroom is situated where no natural light can hit it and is heavily depended on electricity so I did my basic make up with no mirror and light and just took a photo of it afterwards to make sure it was decent HAHAHAHAHAHA! I really should go get a light bulb!

I was craving Korean BBQ AGAIN, so I sent out a formal invite to a few of my friends,
"To Sir Kevin, Madam AJ and Michael, Duke of Springvale. Your dear friend's stomach is yearning for KBBQ and it is of utter importance to satisfy such a greed. I cry on this very day as I suffer the ache of charcoal ox tongue and beef brisket. So I ask with less eloquence - who's down, mother beepers??!?!?!"

Kevin replied with, "Countess Deena Lynch, I am most humbled by your invitation and wish to accept it as I sir Kevin of Brimbank, your faithful cerberus will be joining thee in dining of ox tongue.... My nizzle fo shizzle."

I also invited Serkan, my work colleague. So we all met up at 6:30pm. I was a little late because I waited for AJ so we could catch a tram together. She already had prior arrangements with one of her old university friends so she couldn't make it.

The feast was beautiful, I was so content. I love Korean BBQ - I just wish it was cheaper. I then came home and tried to play guitar but the cold weather slowed down my dexterity sigh...