Monday, August 29, 2011

Hardware Boy

I went to the hardware store on Saturday while Michael decided to go for a MASSAGE. I had 40 minutes to kill and so I went on a hunt for a latch. I needed a latch to put on this box that I made in high school. I wanted it to become my personal box with personal letters and instructions for when the time comes for me to pass away.

I know it may sound strange and sadistic to some but, after King left - it was so comforting to have his words with me. All those letters made me feel less alone, you know? So I want to make sure that when I leave, I can leave words behind for my loved ones.

And my Facebook and other account passwords. I mean, say I pass away and my Facebook display picture was this total ocker, unladylike picture of me with my finger up my nose or something... I'd like someone to change it to a pretty picture of yours truly you know?

And my blog, I'd hate all my readers to be left without knowing thinking I had abandoned you. So I'd like someone to post up that I am gone and to not waste your time waiting for new posts and that she always appreciated being comforted by strangers for her deepest thoughts.

Those are just a few examples. Anyway, this cute boy that worked at the hardware store helped me out. Teaching me how I'd go about doing it - and finding different types of screws to fit my description of the box. During the whole process we talked about random things like where I worked, and how many days we work and that we both get paid in cash.. (Don't tell the government please?)

Anyway, he said he'd give me the screws for free but he'd see how much the latch is. He asked the co-worker who was this big grizzly guy who just grunted at the guy helping me which apparently meant, "Just take it, it's a present" said the guy who helped me.

I insisted on paying but he said to just take it. So I was very flattered and walked out happy with a free latch and screws. I then went to Michael who was rejuvenated from his massage.

This morning, I walked into work and the Cafe guys were like - "Hey, did you go to the hardware store on the weekend?"

I answered with "yeeeahh..." but thinking WTF WHY?

Nadia said that this guy had come in before and looked for me. Well, a girl about his height with long brown hair because he didn't know my name.

She gave me a bag which had a note inside that said,
"You forgot to buy a lock!
-Bailey [insert Bailey's number]"
And he gave me a lock! Hahah which is totally adorable because I didn't mention anything about GETTING a lock just WANTING to lock the box. And the way he did it was so much better than just asking for my number on that Saturday I went in!

All the boys I told the story to were like, "Shit. That's original. Are you going to give him credit for his good idea?"

Hahahaha.. But I don't really know if I should message him. My friend Dennis is hilarious - trying to convince me to send in a customer review to his manager or drop in a note that says, "To Employee of the Week. You seem to be pretty good at finding the owner of items in lost & found :) Use those same skills and find the owner of this number [insert Deena's number]"

Apparently it'd make Bob the Builder smile for a week.