Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I've been sick and lazy. Also extremely busy. So I thought I'd just list the events I remember instead of trying to go backwards and write about everything chronologically.

Orange County Restaurant Week
I went to the Orange County Restaurant Week as a guest. I was pretty much a groupie for Giana who had a gig with them. I felt pretty pompous and cool though. It was at a Lexus dealership in Newport Beach (which is a rich beach town). I saw ladies wear mink fur coats, Louboutins and Hermes bags and I was like :o I AM WEARING A $20 FOREVER21 DRESS WOOO!
So yeah, restaurants set up booths and I got to eat free hor d'oeuvres & drinks. I ATE SO MUCH MWAHAHAHA! Even while Giana and Tony was gigging.. I would pop off elsewhere and shove food in my mouth. Food is my friend.

Casper is like a happy catalogue model, and Honey is the sultry supermodel

Sporting my free Lexus merch

Boomers Arcade
Tony took Bailey and I to an arcade game area in Irvine. There was go-karts, rock climbing, baseball batting cages and video games. I had so much fun. I won an Angels baseball from the Stackers machine and then I purchased a bunch of candy and junk with my tickets. I snapped my favourite ivory ring from Cambodia that I wear every single day when I played baseball. I was so super sad. I've even tried putting it back together with epoxy resin but even that didn't weld it together. :( It was my first time go-karting as well. THAT WAS SO FUN!

So on another day.. Right next door to the Arcade centre is BOWLING! So Annie, Tony, Bailey and I went and strutted our stuff. Tony and I were pretty alright but I gotta say that Annie and Bailey were absolutely terrible. They were the people who liked rolling the ball straight into the gutters. Haha. We tried our best to coach them and they ended up improving heaps! In the last game, Bailey ended up beating Tony and I by 1 point!

Dog Walking
I was starting to become a really lazy bum over in America. Yoga centres were too far for me to get to and I had no running sneakers to do any other kind of exercise (no shoes in Yoga!) I was so close to giving in and buying myself a pair but Bailey got one from his old roommate who were going to donate them. They hadn't even been worn yet. I was so happy! I had a good 4km run (majority was walking).

I also took the dogs for a walk. Sandi said they haven't been on a walk for months and months because they're such a havoc. She thought I'd have a good chance because I'm a dog whisperer haha! I've been teaching the dogs tricks and they've been picking it up. I'm pretty surprised too because I never grew up with dogs! Casper went crazy when he first went outside, he's really scared of dogs even though he's a big ass pit bull. It took a while before he settled down. Sandi was pretty surprised that they were so well behaved. Maybe dog training is my calling.


Buffalo Wild Wings & Tea
I finally got to try these renowned buffalo wings. I never understood why they're called that. Actually, I still don't. We walked into the big joint and... there was a World of Warcraft convention happening. HAHAHA! My favourite part is getting those consoles and playing games such as black jack or trivia on the TV screens with other patrons.

Afterwards, Annie met with us for some tea! I had a strawberry milk tea. It was yum yum! She brought her two dogs to meet us. They're so cute haha! One looks like a deer.

This week was such a thrill week. I basically did not touch anything music. A mental break. They're always good. I even got to go to HOOTERS! The girls are actually pretty hot. It was a boobs, butt, legs galore but in a way that the place doesn't look trashy like a strip club. I don't know how you can do a classy display of boobs and butt but the uniform designer did well. LOL! The waitress writes her name on a serviette when she introduces herself. Isn't that funny!!

Pho & Yoghurt
I've been going out with Annie, Tony and Bailey a lot. I had a craving for pho and yoghurt so they let me have my night and we fulfilled my needs. I love yoghurt, and I love a good bowl of pho.

Production Assistant
I helped Giana and Tony film a video. That was fun!!

Giana playing a guitar with a MASSIVE pick. It gives off a fuller sound! Haha I'm just joking, its a gimmick!

TA DA! There's my week!

Friday, February 24, 2012


Nothing too exciting happens when you get struck with tonsillitis, fever, a vomit bug and a flu. I was konked out for 4 days - everyday I was just sitting in the same couch watching TV for 12 hours then sleep then repeat!!
I've been writing...

I've been sleeping..

I've been planning..

Sandi gave me a Kangaroo..

I've been relaxing.. with the dogs!

I've been cuddling..

Tony took me to this fabulous restaurant that is based on the iPad gimmick! It makes ordering easy. You can even make your own with the ingredients they have by just picking and dropping it onto the iPad. Pretty cool!

Tony and I were so full so we took a stroll at the shopping mall close by.

Old soul

Foolin' around at the Apple store. The workers were laughing in the background!