Sunday, January 20, 2013

Australian Album of the Year

I've been dealing with a lot of dramas lately. Dramas that I don't really need to deal with and its frustrating. People who are illogical and irrational annoy the fuck out of me. People who are weak minded and attention seeking annoy me even more. I won't rant about it but let's just say the road trip went down with 3 people and came back with 2.

I had a good 21st despite the dramas. The company I needed was there, and I was blessed with people that usually aren't in Sydney to be there coincidentally. I enjoyed a bit of gambling, got a tattoo, devoured seafood (I am allergic but I allow it on birthdays), had fine dining for dinner, went out to Marquee and had a bloody good night.

I'm back at university now too. This semester is going to be tough. They're not the most interesting of business subjects and I'm doing 4 with the music thing rather than 3 last semester.

I've wrapped up my tour now too so this year I'm going to head back into the studios to record some new material and concentrate on getting some more local gigs. Though, managing myself is so tiring with school that I dunno how much I'll be able to get.

I am loving my new car and although I really didn't want to let go of the old one - the long distance driving I do everyday makes it impossible for the old one to survive haha.

OH I also had my very first radio interview and performance! It was very very scary! My single, 'Wanderlust' was honoured with #16 on their Top 50 of 2012 charts! AND TO MY VERY SURPRISE MY ALBUM LONE WOLF WAS TITLED Australian Album of the Year!! Haha I could not believe it!

It would have never happened without all my supporters, being independent is so difficult but I am so happy and lucky to have the encouragement from varying media platforms.

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