Sunday, January 20, 2013

Australian Album of the Year

I've been dealing with a lot of dramas lately. Dramas that I don't really need to deal with and its frustrating. People who are illogical and irrational annoy the fuck out of me. People who are weak minded and attention seeking annoy me even more. I won't rant about it but let's just say the road trip went down with 3 people and came back with 2.

I had a good 21st despite the dramas. The company I needed was there, and I was blessed with people that usually aren't in Sydney to be there coincidentally. I enjoyed a bit of gambling, got a tattoo, devoured seafood (I am allergic but I allow it on birthdays), had fine dining for dinner, went out to Marquee and had a bloody good night.

I'm back at university now too. This semester is going to be tough. They're not the most interesting of business subjects and I'm doing 4 with the music thing rather than 3 last semester.

I've wrapped up my tour now too so this year I'm going to head back into the studios to record some new material and concentrate on getting some more local gigs. Though, managing myself is so tiring with school that I dunno how much I'll be able to get.

I am loving my new car and although I really didn't want to let go of the old one - the long distance driving I do everyday makes it impossible for the old one to survive haha.

OH I also had my very first radio interview and performance! It was very very scary! My single, 'Wanderlust' was honoured with #16 on their Top 50 of 2012 charts! AND TO MY VERY SURPRISE MY ALBUM LONE WOLF WAS TITLED Australian Album of the Year!! Haha I could not believe it!

It would have never happened without all my supporters, being independent is so difficult but I am so happy and lucky to have the encouragement from varying media platforms.

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Road Trippin'

Wow I've been so busy and exhausted I haven't had the time to sit down and write everything.
I feel pathetic because my memory is so bad I'll forget so much that I haven't documented haha.

I had a great Christmas. I've never really celebrated Christmas the traditional way, so mum decided to even buy two Christmas trees... I asked her why she got two and she said its for all the times we've missed out on it haha.

I cooked up a storm! I had turkey, stuffing, haloumi salad, roast ham, kale chips, mashed potato and two cakes!

On the 28th of December I had a gig up at the sunshine coast. I had two lovely ladies, Maddison and Nayomi come up from Melbourne to stay with me for the gig so we went and did some tourist things like Australia Zoo. Maroochydore had a great vibe for a small town and we all had a lot of fun playing there.

Stole a hat... 

New Year's.. I wanted to spend by myself and do some reflecting and what not but my friends would not allow it. I admit, I just couldn't accept that Bailey wasn't going to be in my new year. I also felt bad if I spent it with anyone else, I don't know why. Last year we were in New York, with our own apartment and spent the count down on our fire stairs. This year I just got completely smashed at Surfers Paradise with a broken heart BAAAAHAHAHAHA.

We woke up super early and left for our road trip. You see, I wanted to spend my 21st in the countryside - I didn't want to make a fuss about a birthday that I don't want and I knew if I stayed in Brisbane it would happen. So Michael, Carson and I decided to do a road trip down to Melbourne, then take our time going up the coast line. We took the wrong way down so it was about 25 hours of driving, and we stopped off at Wollongong for a bit to spend time with Carson's family.

In Melbourne I had two gigs lined up - one in Mornington Peninsula and the other in South Gippsland (Inverloch) - both in the beautiful regional Victoria. I was really excited for those gigs. We decided to make the most of having to drive to those locations.

We went to Mornington in the morning and spent the day at the beach. It was super hot and the air was so dry. After the beach we had a gorgeous lunch and realised that we ate at the place I was going to be performing later on haha. We headed to the hot springs afterwards until I had to go for my sound check. The hot springs were AWESOME.

The Bay Hotel gig was fun... and hilarious... and humiliating. I was in mid-song, striking out my emotional face, when Maddison started laughing and I completely lost it. I could see Maddison mouthing "I don't know what to do!"

I was starting to trip out too. I felt myself slanting more and more, having to reach over to the mic with my guitar further and further. I thought I was just tripping. I looked down and saw that my chair was sinking into the stage crack and I had to make a decision: Stopping a song is less embarrassing than falling on stage.

Haha as soon as I stopped I cracked up laughing, stood up, heaved the chair up from the crack, had a few more giggles, made jokes and accidentally swore twice on stage, moved away from the crack and had to continue on. I just couldn't take myself seriously in that sad song afterwards but. My head was totally elsewhere haha. Good experience though!

The next day we spent at the gym, I did kickboxing for way too long to the point that I had blood blisters on my toes, a swollen bruised ankle and blisters. Haha. I have way too much endurance that I never feel myself push my body.

On Friday night we hit the town. We were meant to have an early night but we didn't. AJ came out with us as well and she gave me a belated Christmas present - a handmade friendship bracelet with all my symbols weaved into it! It is so cool! We left about 2am, and Carson, Mike, Chris and I went to 24 hour Kmart to get some fishing gear and licenses, Coles to stock up on food then headed straight to Port Franklin. Yeah we were totally crazy.
They let me sleep because I needed it for the gig but they barely had any all day. We fished all morning and caught a decent crab so we cooked up some sausages and the crab. I caught a fish without doing anything, and a whole bunch of seaweed... and Carson caught a puffer fish. Mike also caught a small tailer but otherwise it wasn't a good day out for the fishies. I made good friends with the cutest puppy as well! Reminded me of Honey in America.
We headed to Venus Bay where we went pipi catching. We caught so many! Spent a solid 2 hours digging them out. We got completely sunburnt.
So now I looked like a roasted pig for my gig at Inverloch. It was such a lovely gig, totally different to what I've done before so it was a great experience to put into my pocket. I had to deal with different factors I haven't encountered before, such as... CHILDREN IN YOUR FACE haha. I had a whole bunch of lovely locals buy my album and I was touched. No one likes buying albums these days so I'm lucky to even sell one at a gig so that was nice. I also had a great response and people would clap at me as I walked by... People believe in me, I just need to start believing in myself.
Chris Murphy, who hooked me up with the gig, good friend of mine, well I met his family last night at the gig and his brother looked completely like Bailey, style and everything. It just threw me off. I couldn't stop staring and I couldn't be sociable with him. Whenever he talked to me, I walked backwards and wouldn't respond. I can't believe how silly I am over Bailey. Totally niggled under my skin, that one.
But its been good for my music. I just gotta think positively.
We drove back to Melbourne and then cooked up a beautiful pipi feast.
Today we're having a whole bunch of mates over for a BBQ. Should be good but I just feel so down I cannot be bothered being sociable.
Oh my university marks came out, I did good. Happy new year everyone. I'm sorry I've been so slack, and I write much more blunt because I barely have time these days but I'm glad for everyone who's stuck around and joined this journey with me. Bring on 2013!