Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I'm sorry my posts for the weekend got postponed.. I've been sick!
Monday I've had a fever and went to the doctors at like 3 am. The doctor was the biggest downie ever - he didn't care about me at all! He was just like get out of here, you'll get over it.


And on Tuesday night I had pizza and I think there was cross contamination with some of the prawns in the other trays and I had the worst allergy attack. I hyperventilated for about 2 hours, and lost my eyesight in about the 3rd hour. I would also black out as well.

My friend was so scared! He kept insisting on going to the hospital but I didn't want to. I knew I'd pass through it sooner or later! Scary though!

So today and yesterday I've spent the day at my friends house because I was sick and didn't want to be transported - so I've been babysitting my friend's nephew, Ethan. He is so adorable! Look at him grinning at my laptop..

Okay now he's pestering me wondering when I've finished so I can play with him - better get to it! I'm sorry for posting so late, I have done two more before this one too so check it out!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


New friends I made who were drumming at the UN concert

Me getting bored hahahhaa

Jacqui and Chris


That sand painting thingy..

Well Sunday I was like a groupie. My friends are in a dance crew called Rewind and they had two gigs on for that night, one - to dance for the two American dance crews Supercrew and Kaba Modern and the second one was for a United Nations concert.

They did fantastic! The United Nations concert was so random, it was all like peaceful martial arts, African drumming, sand painting and then hip hop dancing?

We also had to go through hardcore security - understandable seeing as it was a United Nations gig.
The 'Rewind' dressing room

The Supercrew gig was at the same place where my Melbourne Underground Film Festival was, but the scene was totally different! It was one big asian fiesta hahahahhaa.
My friend Chris and I

Rewind on stage

My head host pass.. which I dont know why - must've thought I was a dancer too hahaha

Rewind practising outside..

Friday, August 27, 2010

Melbourne Underground Film Festival

The morning was beautiful. I finally had more than 3 hours of sleep and I feel refreshed.
Tyson and I went to the groceries to get some breakfast, and on the way there was a group collecting food for refugees so when I bought bacon and eggs - I also chucked in this massive 1.2kg cereal to give to them.
I never can say no haha.

On the way out there was this man playing on his guitar and we stopped to take a breather. He rapped up the 1st verse and chorus then as the 2nd verse on call he just pulls out a "Ahhhh I went out drinking last night so I've completely forgot the 2nd verse" I think my friend and I were the only ones laughing.

Tyson then cooked me a mighty breakfast of bacon, eggs and all things French.

Tonight is the Melbourne Underground Film Festival and 'Bad Behaviour' premiere which Tyson is in. We've started getting ready and I'll blog the rest afterwards!

Sorry for taking so long .. I'll explain later on with my after blogs. Anyway Melbourne Underground Film Festival was INCREDIBLE.
It started off badly though, the taxi driver dropped us off wrong and the receptionist told us the wrong directions - in the end we probably had to run about a kilometre to get to where we wanted to be at! I was wearing heels and I tripped on construction and reopened my ankle injury and scabbed my leg and hands (how attractive!) So I ripped off my shoes and ran with no mercy!

We finally got to the end of the pier but we had missed the opening act to the premiere. I got myself a glass of champagne and enjoyed 'Bad Behaviour.' Tyson was absolutely HILARIOUS in the movie, I was so proud of him - he did exceptional! The movie was pretty gruesome though - very gory and violent - Tyson's character ended up getting axed which is just so lovely.
After the movie, we got given VIP drink bands and just chit chatted around. They then held the award ceremony and we got to chat around again. I turned my head around and saw the actor from Neighbours and went crazy! I approached him asking, "AREN'T YOU FROM NEIGHBOURS?" and he was very nice and we talked for about 2 hours.

There was also a director that talked to me about all his Australian movie projects, it was funny because it was interesting.. but he kept spitting at my face hahaha.

I also talked to this sound technician guy and we're going to share our own music with each other. There was also this magazine gentleman who approached me thinking I was a model (yeah wtf) and really wants to hear my music. I didn't even say anything, I think he just assumed I was a [shit] musician. It was hilarious when so many people were like, yeah I'm an actor - I'm a singer - I'm a publicist.. and then come Deena and I say, "yeah I'm just Tyson's date"
The Cast of Bad Behaviour.. My camera sucks

Lindsay Farris

Two cast members of Neighbours

Tyson my date/actor of Bad Behaviour

But overall a fantastic experience! I can't thank Tyson enough for inviting me!
Tyson went to the after party and I thought it would be good to go visit my friend's party quickly. I did not know ANYONE there but I made friends just dancing around (and no I was not drunk). For some reason the girls wanted to go to the strip club so we went to Men's Gallery and enjoyed some ladies. It was pretty boring though - I mean I've been to two other strip clubs and they were much more entertaining.

We ate at the 24 hr joint Stalactites where I had myself a nice Greek mixed dip. That was delicious!

Tyson and I met up to end our glorious nights with a catch up deep and meaningful chat. :)
Dr Doug Harris from Neighbours..

My new friend Cornflakes, we connected because we're both science driven for careers and everyone around us are in the creative industry hahahaha.. this is apparently how nerds type on computers

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I finally succumbed to buying credit. My stingy asian side failed to prevail! I couldn't hack it any longer - on the way out of the convenience store after talking to my good ol' buddy, Kumar, I bumped into a friend I hadn't seen in a while so that was nice.

Afterwards, my stomach triumphed into making me eat a punnet of strawberries drizzled in condensed milk and then I made a lovely pepper thyme chicken rocket salad for dessert. I eat the wrong way around?

I am SUCH A FOOL. Throughout the whole time I was eating and then procrastinating on the computer - I left the stove on, with the pan and lid on top. It was only when I decided I should wash up that I saw this big carcass of charcoal that was once called a frying pan. Stupid stupid stupid!

Geeesh! Here's the lid that I tried to clean as much as I can but its just toast now hahaha.

Then Tyson arrived! And not long after, Tim called to say he was around the area so I introduced them to each other and we hung out outside for a little bit. Then David called to say he was here too, and I got back my camera :)

Afterwards I went to docklands for a little bit, and omg I went into Costco for the first time! We don't have it in Brisbane - and wow they really got a scheme going to get suckers in! Its really good!
I was in heaven when I saw this..

And we popped in to see that new Icehouse and we caught a few minutes action of ice hockey!

Then later on in the night I pretty much got hungry so I made some mashed potatoes.

OH by the way I did the most stupid thing because I was sick I just popped medication, then Tyson gave me a bottle of vodka for saying thank you to letting him stay over (sweety pie). And we had vodka orange juice - and I totally forgot I had medication and I just fired up in this nasty rash and tomato face and got REALLY REALLY screwed up. I was so stupid!
But a funnier story is that my friends that I usually go out on Fridays with, kept mmsing me pictures to my phone of their night - and I just thought I would take a moment to shame out Kevin Lee. MR KAY LEE needs to calm down on his drinking. You will never ever ever live this down.


Im sick from this crappy weather :(
I'm a naive fawn that's been thrown into the gusts of Melbourne - alone and bewildered. Hahahahahahahhaha!

I got tonsillitis so I went to the doctors and isn't it great when you have the cutest doctor ever? He was so cute! Luckily I wasn't at the doctors for anything embarrassing hey?

I missed out on school and just ate a lot of butter menthol. Its worse today!
I talked to Desh on my friend's Blackberry yesterday for 2 hours - their Blackberry messaging is really handy. I miss her so much!

Tyson is coming down today and I still don't know what to wear. Help me help me help me!

Can the deity of clothing just come down from the sky and be like DEENA YOU SHALL WEAR THIS!

By the way, I carry around a thick, leather heart - I'm letting my past hurt the people in my present. Sigh. I need to relax and trust a little.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I woke up nice and early and went to Engineering lecture at 9am.
Afterwards I went home to do the Engineering quiz which was due today, we're allowed three tries and on the third, I winged the last answer and actually got 100%!


My friend was like, "Deena you're actually listening and writing stuff down?" And I was like "hahahaahahaa no I'm drawing!!" I revealed the page and she just laughed at how bored I was..

Afterwards, I bought myself some sushi and strolled home. It was super cold today, it was really really windy, like a blade of a samurai sword going SWISH SWASH HURRAH!! against your face. LOL
I bummed at home and then went running - my ankles and legs are so sore but I pushed on to 5km. Then I ate some Hainanese chicken with my friend, it wasn't nice.. but the avocado smoothie owned!

I accidentally choked on my rice that had chilli sauce and instead of going down the mouth pipes it went up my nose hahahahahaha! When I finally got it out of there, the back of my nose was on fire from the chilli. Thought I'd share how ladylike I am. *grin*

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Grand Angus

Tuesday Tuesday.
What did I do again?

Oh that's right - I didn't sleep at all the previous night due to some female pains and so I roughed through a 3 hour physics lab.

It was hilarious because my lab partner also hadn't slept, so I was like ... Okay, do m on i for me and he goes, "yeahhhh? Put in the numbers!"

I point at the paper and I'm like, "I have - I'm waiting on you to put it in the calculator" and he was like, "Oh shit right, sorry"

Then as he was putting it into the calculator, we both stopped and looked at each other and we were like "Oh my gosh, we're such losers" because we realised that the numbers were 0.00038 divided by 1.. which.. is just 0.00038.

Another funny instance was when the lab instructor was like, "OH good! You're both done now move on to the next one, um Angelica?" And I responded with, "No no no, we're up to the discharge cathode ray one."
And my lab partner goes, "Her name is Deena.."
I thought that the teacher was saying that the next experiment was called Angelica.. but actually he was asking if I was Angelica. Such a tired loser!

It was a funny day though, after I ate lots of chicken and strawberries drizzled in condensed milk. Nomnomnom. I went for a run the previous night as I said, and my metabolism has gone throughhh the roof. I CAN'T STOP EATING! Defeats the purpose of going for a run hahahaha.

Afterwards, I rampaged through my wardrobe to see if I have anything to wear for Tyson's film awards this weekend. I managed to pull out this white jumpsuit that I bought from Japan in December but have never worn. It's sooo cute but I have no idea how I'll make it so it can suit Tyson's grey attire. Maybe buy new grey shoes? HELP ME!

Then I went to study room at University to try and teach myself some Engineering - and OH MY GOD it was so cold! SOOO FREEEZINGGGG! I was about to pass out from how cold it was. I got super hungry too so my friend brought me a grand angus. YAY!

I went home and just crashed.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Today I hibernated until 2pm. I have no idea why but I was in complete smooth slumber!
I woke up at 9am though to hand in my assignment, and in like 20 seconds I ran into 3 people within 10 metres! Crazy!

But went home and crashed again. I woke up, and talked to Tyson who is coming down this weekend! He's an actor, and he's invited me to be his date and I didn't know it was so soon SO IM FRETTING! What should I wear? Has anyone seen any pretty dresses in the shops lately hahahahha? I want to go shopping!

Tyson is wearing this,

So Desh suggested I wear black shoes black dress and a big silver statement jewelry piece?


I went to gym today, have to start getting back into it again! I did crosstrainer for 10 minutes, treadmill for 25 minutes and then 200+ crunches. Then I stretched and ate my beautiful paprika & thyme chicken lemon salad.

Btw I had a thought in the shower - When God poked me in the stomach to make my belly button, I wish he secretly programmed "Engineer" into my system. That way I could grow up and robotically drum "I want to be an Engineer" into my head. Maybe this way I won't feel so confused. Hahahha

Saturday, August 21, 2010


I'm sorry I haven't updated my weekend.

On Friday night I went to 'Sorry Grandma' I know its the weirdest name for a place hahaha! I had lots of fun, I haven't drank that much in a while and so I was dancing like crazy. At one point this guy tripped me when he was trying to walk past behind me and I just went TIMBERRRR down to the ground! It was so absolutely embarrassing!

I had fun though - Joey and AJ were absolutely hilarious hahahhaa. Some terrible pictures of the night...

Kevin carried me like 700m to the car hahaha

Joeyy :) haha

Helen and Joey

My cheeks have gone chubby, so I'm going to go start my running regime again :(

On Saturday I woke up and had a really happy walk to go vote for government. I got an 'I Voted' sticker and I walked all the way home with it dangling on my finger so I could put it on my guitar haha.

Afterwards I went to have a huge brunch with Benny and Kevin at Poppy's in North Melbourne. Man that was the bomb! It was so scrumptious.

We went and handed flyers out in the city for Benny's street culture event - it sounds fun and I would've loved to go but I'm going to be in Japan then. So it was fun handing them to a specific demographic and talking shit with them and saying "See you there!" When I wasn't even going. Hahahaha

THEN as I was standing in the corner, remember that Indian dude who hit on me 3 weeks ago at a club - WELL I RAN INTO HIM. And ugh that was the worst 20 minutes of my day, and Benny and Kevin just stood there LAUGHING until Kevin decided it was time to save me and called me.
So this Indian dude walks up and was like, "CATHERINE, you dickhead! I bet you don't even remember my name!"
And I was like, "HAAAA HAAA shame on you.. my names not even Catherine!"
So we kept up the small talk chit chat, and he drops his sunglasses and just stares down at the ground at it.. so I was like, okay :S I'll go pick it up.
I gave it to him and he cracks this line "I did it on purpose so I can see you bend over"

I just stared at him like WTF and tried to awkwardly laugh it off.. eek! Then I asked him what he was doing in the city and he was like, "walking around until I ran into you" I was just thinking, where does this guy learn his pick up skills from? THEY ARE THE WORST LINES I HAVE EVER HEARD and every 10 seconds he cracked a terrible line..

I just wanted to get a bucket and vomit in it.

Later I bought another Smorkin' Labbit toy to add to my collection. Benny picked out which he thought was the lucky box - but turned out I already had it. The lady let me swap it with one of the sample ones she has out but Benny surprised me by buying another box for me AND I GOT ONE THAT I REALLY WANTED. IT'S SO CUTE! It's pink and blowing bubble gum hahahhaa
Its this one..

That made my day, we had a chill drink - then I went with Tofu to go watch Inception. Oh my gosh, that movie has made my favourite movie list - I just LOVED it SOO much. SO MUCH. I thought it might not be Ellen Page's type of movie but she did awesome! And the boys were looking cute, especially Ken Watanabe YUMMMYY!

This is Tofu's explanation of what my eye colour is when we were eating Maccas. His explanation changes everyday when my eye colour changes too but this is for that day.