Friday, July 30, 2010


I was feeling a little sick so I slept in and skipped all my lectures. Then at night we were all going to go out but have pre drinks at mine.

Tony Le, Nhan and I started drinking first out of boredom and man that Jack Daniel was yuck! Then the others came and it wasn't long before we had a group full of drunkards in my apartment.

My money was on Tony and Nhan to pass out but boy, was I wrong. We all decided to head out, and by then all the mixing of drinks was getting to my head.

We all got on the 2nd tram and realised that two of us were left behind. By then, Martin went from sober to drunk and apparently passed out on the tram tracks. Eventually one cop came, then four then six and then a big fat recovery van.

Me and 3 others stayed on the other side of the street because we were too drunk ourselves. I called my friend to come pick us up so they don't take have to take Martin, but the cops decided that an Ambulance was a better option.

Martin was escorted to Alfred Hospital where we followed. We waited and finally got to see him two by two. Seeing as I lived the closest and had no obligations (parents, work) I stayed and made my friend who didn't even know Martin stay as well.

At 5 we got told to go home and that they'd call me. I slept terribly waiting for the call and now, I am so hungover. Never mixing drinks.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


I feel sad.
And I have two friends right next to me who don't know.

The dangers of being up at the pinnacle of happiness is that the fall is higher and I guess I forgot that happens.

Stranger friends are twisting my words and throwing it back at me. Kaiser summed up my feelings well in his today's blog.

My sister got in a car accident, the car caught on fire.
Everything is alright but it sickens me that I'm 2000km away.

Maybe I'll drink some Red Bull and fly up - if only.


AHHH! I slept through 2 hours of my alarm clock! TWO HOURS! So I missed my Chinese Seminar but got going to the Calculus Tute. This semester I have a friendly group so I think Calculus tutorials will be a lot more enjoyable!

I found out one dude lives in my apartment block! Afterwards I strolled to the city where I ate dumplings and met up with Sheng. We all went back to mine and just bummed around.

I made a twitter account, my friend begged me and I finally caved in. I still don't get it and I'm not hooked at all yet, hum hum. I am lonely though so if you guys have twitter find me at

We decided to go grocery shopping where I was going to make some butter chicken curry, when I was asking one of my friends if they wanted potato and/or carrot, my friend who was texting cracked and yelled, "WHAT?!" at me :(
I was hurt, all I wanted to do was make dinner but I guess my friend was busy multi-tasking.

My sister just texted me saying she was in a car accident, but none of my family members are giving me answers, hope she's okay.

I got good news from Japan today, but I can't blog it *blushh!*

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kanye West

So Kanye West dumped his girlfriend, Amber Rose for this new trashbox Shay.

Amber Rose:

But I couldn't help but laugh when I saw Shay, because she reminded me of Comedian

I had to share that.. LOL


Well uni was boring. So I won't bother.
I wrote a song, but I'm not happy about the chorus, hum hum.

Met up with David and Sheng, I bought a guitar pick, and we ate Japanese.
I love green tea icecream and calpis is one of my favourite drinks.

After, we trudged through the rain and we went to Footscray where my friend, Wubs bought a new HTC Desire.
Now we're all just chilling and watching Lie to Me and Law & Order. Although Lie to Me is sometimes like errghhghh.. I'm a little addicted haha.

I've eaten two punnets of Strawberries because they're 2.50 at Woolworths right now. I love strawberries! Nom nom nom.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Hahahaha the nerdy launch of Starcraft which my friend participated in at 12 am.. HAHA

The icecream that I had after a beautiful Korean BBQ, how cute is it! It's like a pea pod!

Today I didn't have physics lab because it starts from Week 2, and I decided to go to the Chinese seminar that I heard is a waste of time. Boy, was I right! I just sat there for an entire hour, infront of a computer doing whatever I want.

Luckily, my computer didn't work and I actually did some work.

I went to the herb shop on Lygon street and bought a vanilla bean to make a Panna Cotta :)

I was pretty successful but I would prefer a little more sugar and a little less gelatin. Oh well, for next time!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Semester 2

Well uni started today, and I kick started my Semester 2 with a 4 hour sleep waking up fresh at 7:30. You're wondering why I slept so late, well the alcohol is starting to send my stomach into a realm of pains.

And for everyone who knows me well, they know that I'm allergic or something to alcohol. I suffer for the next 3 days with pains and runs. Hahaha

I woke up had a shower, and for the first time in my life.. made crepes. I burnt the first batch.
Fail batch in bin..

The second looked more like a pancake to me. Oh well good try? I had it with strawberries and choc mint icecream!

Uni was so boring all day, I had a 2 hour seminar and 3 lectures. Now I want to sleep.
This is what one does in a boring seminar...

p.s I finally have the teacher that screwed me up in Chinese last semester! And he doesn't remember me! He has the worst english and stutters in both Chinese and English which makes it really difficult to learn and listen to. Not that I have anything against stuttering but listening and trying to decode it for 2 hours on a 4 hour sleep is so tiring and annoying!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Like every other day - I bummed all day.
Then it was time to get ready for Oray's birthday bbq, I showered, slapped on whatever and headed out with Wubs.

It got to the time where alcohol came out, and damn everyone for having excuses like I'm driving etc. I was forced to have 7 shots ughuhgughhh of SLATE - sweet, cheap bourbon.

Happy Birthday Chris! This is when the slate started hitting me...

Geena, Wubs and I had to get going because I had other plans and the other 2 had another party to go to.

On the drive back to mine, I was getting preeeetty tipsy and my face resembled a tomato. I went back to my apartment waiting for my friends to pick me up and felt so sad watching Be Cool while my head was spinning. My friends finaaaallyy came and we headed to Bass Lounge.
The lights in my room haha..

My shoes I bought from Japan 8 months ago but never wore.. I love them since last night now!

Hi drunky!

Thanks to my friend's connections we got walked in past the big fat lines. By the end of the night I had 16 shots and made friends with some Taiwanese holidaymakers. I am so glad I ate steak, I think that's why I handled alcohol so well, or maybe my liver is made out of STEEL.
Outside my apartment..

I was loving this big fan...

These are my new fobby friends YAY

THANKS WUBS FOR MAKING ME AN AWESOME GERMAN HANGOVER BREAKFAST (Belgian bread, German sausages and onions that were meant to resemble sauerkraut)
Do you like what I did to my friend's car window while I was tipsy and sleepy?

Friday, July 23, 2010

This is

This is a picture outside my window onlooking a gloomy day..
This is a picture of the treats I got from Kev last night, which I gobbled up shortly after.

This is the start to my miscellaneous journey

This is Wubs walking through the city

This is one of the graffiti lanes

This is the awkward face of Wubs

This is my paparazzi pose HAHA

This is me getting paint thrown at me

This is my disgusted face

This is Wubs hiding from bystanders

This is my fail jump

This is my growl to leave the graffiti lane

This is Wubs hanging on to his friend

This is my hamster face

This is our token picture

This is a cute cupcake store

This is dinner time

This is Wubs' peppercorn steak pie

This is my chicken and mushroom pie

This is how ridiculous Twilight has gotten, clothing merchandise with no relation to the movie?!?

This is me in an extravagant fur coat

This is a summer hat

This is a try hard ninja

This is a faux fur hat

This is a bubblegum face

This is drunk Justin

This is hungry Kevin

This is Deena scared yet satisfied from those juicy lamb skewers

This is a long picture blog