Monday, October 31, 2011


How cute is that photo? Its from Josh's and Iva's wedding in July!
I'VE BEEN SO STRESSED!! I'm trying to organise my packing, my planning before I go off to Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia in a week's time.

I have to get all my stuff out of my house before I go though because my house lease finishes while I'm overseas. SO STRESS STRESS.

And with work, seeing as its my last week now I have to do a lot of training and recruiting and its driving me mental! Plus I have to write out procedures for the bosses because they don't know!

On another note, Xavier Samuel from Twilight came into Baraki for coffee. He definitely looks a lot cuter on screen or maybe its because of the hair.. I don't know. He was lovely though! I was so embarrassed but he gave me the biggest cuddle and said to not worry about it and then chatted with me for a little bit.

I went shopping for togs (swimmers) for the Asia trip. I mean, I could buy cheap ones over there but I'm so flat chested and short bodied that I like to pay a little extra to know that I will be supported ;) We wouldn't want nip slips now would we!

A pretty painting I saw of Flinders Street Station!

Saturday, October 29, 2011


I just love the insane creativity I saw for Halloween at work! I was laughing the entire night! I would've joined in the festivities but I'm flat broke and being savvy so I opted out. I did get blood on my legs, face and arms from people saying hello to me (who are smeared in blood).

Raph and Bails

For a while I stole some bat wings head band, a decapitated hand and I had an evil pet rat.

How lunatic is this!?

I'm sorry I've been so negligent. I am so busy trying to plan everything. We had a house inspection yesterday and I didn't really know where to go (our house lease is up and everyone is going) so I decided to just sit there.

My mate picked me up from Baraki work like this

It was hilarious sitting in my room while random public people walked through and were just like, "Good morning!" "Morning! How'd you sleep?" "Hello, how is your day today?"

Last night I worked my second last shift at the bar. The band mates finally found out that I was only 19 and they were going crazy! They were mocking me and all making these actions with their arms of a baby in it, rocking and patting it to sleep.

But we also mocked Nate because everyone always go to him if there is trouble because he is a 'senior' so we paid him out for being the opposite to me - not a baby.

Last night, there was this drunk British girl who straight up asked for a half priced bottle of champagne. We said no but she got friendly with Ray the owner, chatted, danced, cuddled then went outside for a smoke for while. Ray came back in and whispered in my ear, "give her that half priced bottle of champagne okay, cool."

It didn't move me but then she said to me, "I WORKED SO HARD FOR THAT!!!" so I can only wonder...
She glued tissue onto her face and then painted it, WOAH!

I had a good night. It went by pretty fast, even though it wasn't completely busy it was at a good consistent rate where you're always doing something but not completely drained either!
How cute are my socks! Everyone always pays me out!

After work, Van, Monty and I went to grab some Chinese food and then we went home. I'll miss working there, I'll miss the people. One of the girls messaged me like, "I know I don't know you that well but I wish I had gotten to know you better. Good people are hard to come by these days and I can tell you're something special. Keep in touch" then she left her e-mail (she works on Fridays where I'm at the other place so I don't get to talk to her much).
Mochi's cheeks have grown so much! It just wobble wobble wobbles when he swims! SO CUTE!

But how sweet is that?
Jana (sister) the big cutiepie thanking me for advice I gave her hahaha!

Bailey only ever wears plain white or black T's. So I bought him a grey and purple plain T to add to his collection. I wanted to make a point that even with those colourful tattoos he can still wear some colour! Haahah just had to be the right ones!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Scuba Trooper

So Melbourne got to enjoy a one off summer's day of 28 degrees! Chris and I picked a perfect date to go scuba diving! I ran on 2 hours sleep and he ran on half hour, and we left to go to Mornington on the beach side to catch some sun!

It was our first time diving without any instructors since we got certified! We hired equipment then set off to Mornington pier.

No divers were there at the time so we felt SUPER cool as everyone watched us jump into sea! There was some sailing thing going on too so there was quite a crowd. Chris belly flopped in because he forgot to look up when he jumped! It's quite a distance from the pier in and with all that heavy equipment you do lose your balance a bit!

We swam on the surface to the end of the pier then descended. There were many puffer fishes, angler fishes, plastic bags, lots of little neon fishies, starfishes, crabs.. it was way cooler than the other joint we dove at for our course.

We came out, had to kill some surface time so we got coffee, wedges and ice cream. Bailey came down after work to come watch us. Then we dove in again. This time we encountered some problems, Chris wasn't doing his breathing properly and he took too many weights off his weight belt so he was floating way too much and couldn't descend.
A cafe advertised their breakfasts and we couldn't stop laughing at this face

I kept having to come up, even though that's bad too to help him out. People thought he was drowning hahahahaha! We finally got down though, and only did a short dive as we wasted a lot of air. After the second dive, I bought another ice cream. Chris had to go boot to a birthday party.

Bailey and I enjoyed our ice creams then took a swim, it got really cold by 5pm though so we only got up to waist deep then hopped out.

We went back to his place and he cooked me pasta. I enjoyed a super duper long shower as I was encrusted in sea salt hahaha!

Sorry I haven't been blogging much. I'm stressed out to the max. I've been organising visa stuff, got a holiday trip next month to Thailand and hopefully Cambodia & Vietnam. But I have to organise all my stuff too because my house lease finishes while I'm over there. Then I have to road trip back to Brisbane then bounce to overseas again.
Oh went with Bailey to colour in one of his tattoos..

Please excuse any hiatuses!
P.S I resigned my jobs and my bosses were extremely sad. They said nothing for a solid 10 minutes and just stood there gawking at me and then one of them just mumbled, "I'll miss you."
My workmates gave me this.. hahaha


Friday, October 21, 2011

Jason Chen

Last night, Jason Chen you know that Youtube guy came to my work. I'm not obsessed with him or anything, and I hadn't really heard him sing but he's a lot better live than on videos. Maybe its because I'm not into over production and I prefer raw stuff so it was good to hear that.

Before he performed, I slipped in to the back room and got introduced to Jason and the guitarist, Gerald. I chatted with them for about half an hour and they forced me to jam with them!

I was super dooper nervous. I'm really shy you know? Like I don't even sing for my mum! They kept egging me on so I just bit my tongue and did it. I was shaking for a solid 30 minutes until I got over the rush. I mean it was only in front of 3 people hahahaha!

They were both very lovely people! Not big headed due to the fame or anything, which is great!
I got bored at work, I'm so sorry Jason hahaha

After work I went into the city to meet Bailey and Neil and we had a late night snack at Lord of the Fries. I love garlic aioli mayo.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Elfin Deer

Big days are ahead of me. This is what is coming up.
Visa interview on Monday, find out results on Thursday. Plan overseas.
Pack and organize what is necessity, what goes back to QLD and what goes overseas.
Quit my jobs.
Ship stuff overseas.
Go to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia for nearly 2 weeks.
Come back, road trip to Brisbane - collect Jana on the way through Sydney.
Stick it out with mum, organize stuff.
Fly. Be gone.
Its going to be stressful.
I'm excited!

I'll give you more details after I find out where I'm going and for how long.
I was stressing out so much that Chris and I went for dinner then I made him plan it out for me while I pulled each hair out of my follicles out of stress.

Look how cute Bailey is! So, I think he looks like an elf or a deer so I did this for others to understand the resemblance!
Baby Elf

Oh deer!