Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Halfway Semester

Today was my last day of University before Easter Break! Yaattaaaa~
So the Chinese Department is still uber slack on where they're placing me so I had to turn up to class today to do the test just so I don't get a zero. I think that is totally unfair if I hadn't known anything- which luckily I did from my primary days.
I got a 72 for winging it, thank the lord.
But I am grumpy that they can't decide on my placement, grrr!

(This is an old photo- thought it suited the grumpiness)

Went for midnight McDonalds and put my rubbish in these bins.. then I realised how little and cute they are! They're like 1/4 the size of Brisbane bins!

ANNNDDD this was my lunch for the last 2 days because the Sushi Shop round the corner does the most fresh, foodgasm sashimi.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


My friend in a Giraffe suit...

I just finished watching a movie on SBS, Perhaps Love [Chinese Title: 如果·愛] . I remember being in Taiwan when I was 13 and seeing the trailers and movie posters for its release and was always interested in seeing it. It's so sad, if only I started it from beginning maybe I would've cried a bit more on the inside.
But no, still heartless :)

Monday, March 29, 2010


Had a random conversation and I decided to draw Wubs a shirt and make him wear it. Its me in a phanty suit, here's the finale (I think).

Let's hope it goes well on the shirt, fingers double triple quadruply crossed!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lygon St

I went out for Italian dinner last night (I look like a bum)

And when I came home Felix was asleep with his face wedged between the glass and shoot (everybody on the count of three say AWWW!)

Even when I woke up he was still asleep like that

Friday, March 26, 2010

Care Package

Get ready for a picture-filled blog of boredom!
Basically, I had coffee at 2 a.m because its irresistibly sweet and ended up unable to sleep til 7 a.m.

Care Package #1 - For my darling Desh

And because of all the miscellaneous stuff inside and I didn't have sticky tape....

My makeshift mail protection unit.. lol

Care Package #2 - For My Sibling Sister
We're obsessed and I downloaded the next 3 episodes that we both hadn't watched.. of Gossip Girl

And because I call her Hippo (long story) I saw this cute plushie and bought it!

Care Package #3 - For My March-born Mother
Fuel vouchers obtained from my grocery shopping

Pirated DVD's (Please don't dob me in!)

Mummy's favourite Melbourne Candy

Origami by David and pen I stole from Engineering Expo (I think its cute)

Birthday Card

And then..
MY BEAUTIFUL FACE (oh and David's) with Freddo Party Birthday Cake! Just to let Mum know that I'm celebrating with her still :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

An Embarrassing Situation

Q: So you know what's REALLY embarrassing?
A: When you go to meet your friend and you're dressed in contrasting colours.

David: Blue shirt
Deena: Dark pink shirt
David & Deena: Dark Blue Jeans
Deena: Blue Vans
David: Red Vans
Deena: Blue G-Shock Watch
David: Red G-Shock Watch
Deena: Blue Undies (But he doesn't know that. Haha I'm joking I was wearing floral >:|)
David: Blue and Red Hat

Conclusion: He just wants to be me, oh snap.


Obviously my friend doesn't know how to light his smoke.

11 am - Woke up
12 pm - Went to Jaycar Electronics to buy a short circuit project (I'm a nerd)
1 pm - Shopped at Queen Victoria Market for fresh groceries
German Sausage Lunch
Get Mum's favourite candy for her birthday
3 pm - Picked up Sheng, Josh and Vince
4 pm - Went to Engineering Expo
4:15 pm - Realised that the Expo is shit and only for mainstreams so went on a hunt for freebies
5 pm - Did the shifties to get free stuff I really, really wanted
6 pm - Left
8 pm - Now eating dinner

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cherry Vans

Oooh baby those cherries are ripe :)
Hehe aren't they cute?

In times of blues, just buy shoes! Oh my god I just made that up but that was the best line - perhaps one of my life mottos.

With my sleeping pattern slowly getting intact, I am feeling much better and less lethargic! My cold is also healing pretty well :)

Had my first uni test today, haha don't even ask.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Engineering Tiger

So I got this in the mail, which deemed cool for a few moments:

But I am now certain that I do not want to do anything boring like chemical, civil etc. I want to go into electronics and design toys.. I know that sounds ridiculous haha!
But its either that or designing shoes - so I'm going to go look into hobby short courses to see if the idea is actually an interest.
With that said, David and I were picking his sister up from work and we ran into a huge big warehouse Glue sale and I bought these -

They were 170 down to 30! And they're Onitsuka Tigers. I usually don't like them but I fell in love with the colour and the cute crosses - only thing I don't like is the snakeskin like pattern but you can't see them too well anyway.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


I realised when I was uploading the images to the laptop - this blog is all about food.
Let's start with,

I love food.
No wait, my heart is completely devoted and compassionate towards food.
Ohh my correction, my stomach is completely devoted and compassionate towards food.

Vince, Sheng and Wubs came over while I was studying hard at Uni and when I came home they had prepared a beautiful 3 course dinner for me to enjoy! I haven't had cheese sausages in ages and my god did my mouth water.

After a big Melbourne night out of Asian clubbing - I had one craving. A juicy, tender, succulent baby lamb wrapped in an encapsulating doner kebab. How tiny does my friend look, "Sir, can I please have a kebab?"

After buying tonnes of candy from a local lolly store, my mouth was sulking to me for some crispy roast pork. I hadn't had any since being in Melbourne so I didn't want no crappy, old pork that has been sitting under light ready to be microwaved. So my friend and I drove out to a decent asian area for some mighty, delectable pork.

One of my buys from the candy store! 1.58kg worth of Hershey Kisses. I loved these when I lived in Japan because when it was our birthday the school would give us one. I would patiently wait each year just to get one of these little chocolate droplets and then to be sung 'Round the Mountain' (Yeah, they sang that to us for our birthdays LOL) So seeing this huge bag of Hershey Kisses sitting in the shop, I had to get it - I had to plunge in my chocolate childhood.

I ended up removing the bananas and apples out of my fruit bowl, these babies took priority!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Ok, so my make shift laptop (thanks to Wubs for lending me it, highly appreciated seeing as you need one yourself) only allows me to do a webcam shot of what I drew for my next entry in my visual diary.

OH I KNOW what you're thinking, how typical and oh so lame to draw a dragon, but that's what suited what I wanted to write about.

Note to those who don't know that I always draw and then fill in spots with my train of thought of the day.
Enjoy the lamity!

On a less brighter note, I skipped all my uni lectures today just to lay in bed. The blues really tied me down!
But I had a lovely pep talk with David and although he wanted me to burst in tears, it was soothing to just smooth out the bumps abit.

I just can't tell people how I'm feeling in a straight up vodka shot.
My blog is probably the closest thing people will ever get out of me.
Sorry for my rambles

Monday, March 15, 2010

Rockmelon Bottom

[imagine a pretty picture where I'd attempt to entertain everyone, because I just realised I don't have any anymore]

I'm at breakpoint.
The way I handle things probably isn't healthy because that bottle where I just stuff things in to avoid being weak - is full.
It's still surviving under pressure but I feel extremely crap.

And I spend my rock bottom days eating rockmelon :(

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Had to cut my cards so stealers won't do anything :(

Pictures to make me more than my audience to smile a bit
Lindt Chocolate Cafe Menu!!! I had Strawberry fondue and Milk Chocolate Milkshake

Wubs falling asleep on my couch LOL

DESHI CAFE (Just for my best friend Desh, it also says you do great curries!)

Ben Stiller as 'Avatar' for the Grammy- I thought it was hilarious

Friday, March 12, 2010

Break & Enter

My awesome Japanese handbag is gone.
My Country Road bag is gone.
My Uni workbooks are gone.
My Uni textbooks are gone.
My Uni assignments are gone.
My keys are gone.
My access card is gone.
My wallet WAS gone (but nice civilians went through a lot of effort to get it back to me after finding it at a carnival)

My laptop is gone.

That laptop was the left valve of my heart and 4 years of my life - fragment of my soul.

It's quite devastating.
All my friends lost a laptop or two each as well (we all came from Uni)

Anyway, one sentence summary - went to eat dinner came back and found our friend's car windows smashed and everything which was in the boot was taken.

Anyone who reads this, don't tell my mum (I don't need her worrying and she already knows about my wallet and went ballistic)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I feel sick and tired everyday because I'm not used to Melbourne's PMS weather changes.

Otherwise, Uni is going alright - fell asleep in my Engineering lecture today and was doing the whole drop head nods. Embarrassing.

I've been having morbid nightmares and restless nights. I'm probably just getting a bit sick.
Calculus assignment and Engineering journal to do now, whoopee!

I'll update more when I go home :)
Hope everyones doing extremely well!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Thought I'd share my diary entry (Its my art motif to draw something then write a journal inside)
It's all about my touch down in Melbourne until now starring Sir Felix D. Wolfgang my fish as the representative!