Sunday, October 31, 2010

Surfers Paradise

My dad called me for the first time in my 6,900~ days of my life.

I spent my last day at the Gold Coast with my mummy and Christopher. We explored the Paradise of Surfers, then consumed lunch at Murasaki Tepanyaki, Broadbeach. We had to go straight home to pack to return to gloomy Melbourne.
Mummy and tepanyaki

I've started this thing where I buy Mohabs the most annoying stuff such as a big lollipop or figurines, so I brought back a snow globe that is so ugly that its adorable. Like a pug or a shar pei! Shot glass is for Kevin, and I've decided to start adding to my shot glass collection (currently sits at 3).

Ugly hat at the souvenir tourist shop

For Chris, it was back to reality. For me though? Brisbane is reality.
Oh hello, I am a yacht man as I had no hands for my jacket, oui oui

I had the misfortune of getting chewing gum threaded into my stockings. Damn people who stick them under airplane armrests, you got me good. I felt disgusting my entire flight with it slightly sticking to my skin, so I ripped up the vomit back to put it between the gum stocking and my skin. Ugh.
I brought back my make-a-bear, Captain Deenzel Washington

I received a parcel from Dennis, it made my day! The postman never leaves a notice for me though, and so I went to the Post Office and asked if there was mail for Deena Lynch. They beefed at me that I needed the notice to collect mail and I said I've gotten 4 mails the last 3 weeks and I only got a notice for 1 of them. He grumbled off and came back asking if I am, "Mademoiselle Deena Lynch" I laughed as I read on the box that Dennis had written just that. The old man broke my laughter as he snapped a, "WELL!??!?@!!@K!(@*!(@!@~" and I said "yes yes yes its me!"
I was to obey 3 instructions,
1. To read the card
2. To open the wrapped box
3. Then to flip to Dream 19 in my new Dream 101 book for my last instruction

I got spoiled with Sencha Green Tea (I was going to buy this one after I finished my strawberry and cream tea), Hershey chocolate bars (I've eaten one already, conversation starter cards, a Dream 101 book to compliment my 3am note pad and an instant scratch-it.

Give gifts with an element of surprise - he's exercised that.
And Dennis? You're only prepared for a phone call because I'm an inception specialist.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Flash

Today I went to the Sunshine Coast yet again to absorb as much sunlight into my body before I return to the gloomy Melbourne tomorrow.

We found a quiet beach named Mudjimba where we baked, played tennis and swam in the beach. The waves were more turbulent today so when I tried to catch a wave, I got up out of the water to find that my swimmers were flipped to the white netting inside.

I also occasionally didn't realize I was flashing - oh well! No one really saw! I think...

I also got really excited and jealous of the boogie boarders, I really wish I bought a board to catch the waves on. It's okay though, I used Chris instead, where when we tried to catch a wave all I heard was the scraping of his body against the sand. Fun for me though!

I saw a wedding on the beach! Then we drank a mocha and drove home sweet home! I ate dinner by Hamilton, and had coffee at Milton! Strolled over to Mt Coot-tha to catch the sights of Brisbane, then went home to watch baby videos of yours truly.

I really did speak fluent Mandarin and Japanese back then, makes me sad that I'm so unskilled now. And I've always acted older with that hint of immaturity.

p.s I don't appreciate people meddling with my blog posts

Friday, October 29, 2010

Sunshine Beach

I'm home.
Yesterday I went to eat my favourite peking duck, and afterwards we all went to Karaoke. I didn't appreciate the welcome back by being called a cunt in front of every restaurant patron after my camera took a second longer to focus to take a picture. Or perhaps when I requested for her to try finish the few bites left on her plate and getting hurled a "Go fuck yourself" made me feel all snuggly about what I left behind.

I then went around touring Brisbane, and revisiting my dingy thinking spot.

Today I went to Noosa but it was busy with the weekend triathlon, so we found a quiet beach named Sunshine. I think my skin has upgraded from white to cream. Huzzah! I had a beautiful, relaxing day.

It was good to send my mind off into the clouds.

Driving 5 hours has made my backbone hurt and am now enjoying a movie on my reclining couch with a glass of wine and a cup of freshly made mango, orange and lemon.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Work Party

I went to my work meeting at the Loft for the Next crew (who I do waitressing or doorgirl for) and we all had Chinese food for dinner together.

Their idea was for all of us to become a close knit bundle of work colleagues, rather than just.. work colleagues. I met some lovely people, and I stayed from 6pm to like 12.30am.

I was feeling really dizzy and tired so I tried to avoid drinking for as long as possible, until we reached formalities I was obliged to consume a glass of wine. That one glass hit me so easily and next thing you know,

I was playing with DJ equipment, dancing, and making a muck out of myself.
Good fun, they're a beautiful bunch!

Next day I went to the doctors to get a letter for University, instead my doctor thinks I might be falling into the illness of chronic fatigue, so I've been cut to a lactose and fructose minimum diet. I have never ever ever ever ever been on a diet. And I guess I haven't really followed it either.

Afterwards, I went to get my eye tested because I thought my headaches and dizziness might be due to that. But no, apparently I have better than 20/20 vision!! Both the student and supervisor was surprised to see how good my eyesight was. YAY! The exception in my family!

The only thing I had was dry eyes, and I had a slight rash under my eyelids so I have to use eye drops regularly to condition them. I've never flipped my eyelids inside out and the student was trying so hard but it was just making me cry, then the supervisor had to do it too and I was like!! WHY COULDN'T YOU DO IT WHEN THE STUDENT FLIPPED IT! Hahaha but I just laughed it off and said two men made me cry today.

I ate lunch with Shoji afterwards. Sushi! Yum yum!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Miss Indo

Exhaustion is flowing through my blood, or am I breathing in exhaustion? Either way, I am just absoluteeely exhausted from this weekend.
With the girls..

Then they decided to stab a crown into my hair

Saturday I had to wake up at 6:30am and seeing as I worked the previous night, I had 2 hours sleep. Went over to Federation Square where we had quick rehearsal at the venue (more like we got pointed to where we had to walk for the catwalk, didn't get to try it)

We moved to the office to do the fittings for 5 different outfits, and that took until about 11am. I was meant to be the 4th girl that came out, but I got moved to 7th because of height. My first few outfits I got given was horrendous, I had the worst luck compared to everyone else. But in the end it got changed to something more flattering.
getting hair done

I ate bucket loads then went to sleep, came back to the office at 4 where I got my hair and make up done by a lovely girl named Jane. I've never had my hair done up so nicely so it was a good experience.

There was a girl named Prity there that was imported from Indonesia as apparently she is the top model from there (I didn't know that until the end though) and she wore a crown and robe of ego everywhere around her. She was telling us what to do, she wanted to be priority for clothes, hair, make up and catwalk choreography. She told us we looked ugly if we didn't do what she did, she was adamant that we had to do her melodramatic modelling style. She boasted in her skin.

But I did meet some lovely ladies there, particularly enjoyed the company of Sarah and Silvia - they're gorgeous young birds, inside out!

Come 6:30, and it was time for us to strut out thangs. I was really really really nervous and apparently I was really quick and had a nervous pout, but otherwise I think I did okay. Sunday was much much better, I counted and posed for 2 seconds and wore a smile on my face (but apparently no one else did, I got told we had to smile so now I look stupid! HAHA)

I enjoyed Sunday heaps more because every girl loosened up and boosted in confidence. And I think the different clothes made us more comfortable, it was more modern.
hair finally out from all the pins!

The third outfit I had to wear was terribly see through and they expected me to wear no bra. I wore the nipple covers they gave me, and I could still see my nipples through it so I was like screw that, I am definitely wearing my bra. I was next on to go and Prity the top model was grilling into me to take it off right there and then. I was like no way I'm on next!

She kept persisting for me to take it off, and I was like OH WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT? I'M ON NOW, SORRY!!! *struts off*
the transparent one... =.=

I am thankful I chose that, because with the afternoon sunlight, everyone saw me through that red sheer material in just a bra. It could've been just my nipples with transparent flower shaped nipple covers washed over by the red sheer material.
hair starts falling out...

hair finally out from all the pins!

I had lots of fun! It was only at the end that I got told that I was representing three of the top designers of Indonesia - Ramli, Dian Pelangi and Alleria. So that's interesting!
Ramli the designer

Ramli's assistant asked me on Sunday to please join in a photoshoot yesterday (Monday) with this half Indonesian girl they planned it with. I wasn't sure because I'm not a professional model and I told him that, but he said he didn't care and that him and Ramli would really like to use me. Anyway it was super tiring, it went from 3pm to 2am, but I did get fed twice.

The girl, Emily (she didn't do catwalk) and I had 5 different outfits to change into and 5 different locations to move to. After the sun went down, it started getting super cold. But it was a good experience and very interesting because its a play with traditional Indonesian batiks. It's for Ramli's 35th anniversary in the industry and he's releasing a special edition book of his work and collections. I can't wait to see the results!