Thursday, March 31, 2011


I took mum for breakfast at The Club Room, where they served fantastic fresh guava juice. I was stoked to have something so decadent, rich to awaken myself from a deep sleep!

Morning sleepy

I was always fascinated at the marble of tea and milk

I had about 4 plates of bread, bacon, eggs, cheese, cheese crackers and fruits. The choices were beautiful!
I just noticed, look at the poor third tree!

My brother, Carlos! HAHA

I was glad my mum had her coffee, you don't want to cross her path if she hasn't had her caffeine shot - she's a grumpy troll without those beans in her system!
The word cuppage made me giggle..

Carlos and I then went for a morning swim! Mum and Carlos didn't let me wear my shirt or pants because they said it would take forever to dry and we were checking out today! So please excuse my bare necessities.

Afterwards, we all got ready and headed to Orchard Road. We did a little shopping, I was happy to see that this time was mum's time and she went the most craziest! The only thing that was on mum's mind for me though, was a haircut, so I can tame some of my neanderthal hair.

In Malaysia she was seeking a hairdresser but every single one looked so dodgy I was praying she would stop hunting for one, and eventually she did come to her senses and said, I think Singapore is more suitable for you. I was relieved.
Carlos thought my hair got cut short, see the left side?

My mum got a tourist gift from the shopping centre - a waterproof film camera! Perfect for my next destination!

Mum bought herself a beautiful new cross, made out of a Singaporean invention - purple gold. Its about 80% gold and 20% other alloys, but a scientist in Singapore managed to turn it into a stable lavender gold that isn't malleable or reactive. I think it is very pretty and suits mum's colours. At one point I was holding a $5000 piece of lavender gold and I said to the salesman, "Thanks for this!" and pretended to walk away!

His face just dropped and he let out a little yell like, "AH!!" until he realised I was only joking. Hahaha, it was so hilarious! He seriously thought I was going to run away with it!


I went and got a haircut, and they charged me an extra $5 for extra extra long hair. Their price list only covered up until long hair but as soon as they saw my thick hair they were like, ITS GOING TO BE AN EXTRA 5!!!!!
Angel wings

Fail wings

I miss my caveman hair, now when I tie my hair in a bun, bits and pieces all stick out like Alfalfa from Little Rascals.

We went around a little more, quickly then caught a cab back to Marina Bay Sands. We had our check out extended until 4pm due to their poor service with our check in but as we went upstairs, our cards were disabled so I went downstairs, angrily again. And the lady apologized and extended our check out until 5pm! This lady handled the situation very well so my anger didn't last long!

We went up and packed then rested for half an hour absorbing in as much of the luxurious room and the million dollar view as possible. Then we went downstairs to wait for the airport shuttle bus. We had half an hour so we took a quick squizzle at the Casino shopping complex. They had a fake river strip in the middle where gondolas were rowed down, too bad these ones don't sing.

We caught the bus, checked in and had pork loin katsu at Saboten. It was a very good dish that exceeded airport food reputation and came close to Japanese quality. At dinner we speculated how people could start believing that Carlos was my brother, because sometimes when they didn't believe us we'd change our minds and say he was my mum's godson. So we started saying maybe we should say Carlos was from mum's first husband and I'm from her second (she's only ever had one husband btw), or mum likes traveling and enjoys collecting children as souvenirs, or she had an affair with her butler, yeah the stories got crazier and crazier.

Think I'm starting to run out of positions

Go nuts.

Don't ask.... hahaha

We then went through immigration and when we came out the other end, I whispered to my mum, "MUM! WE SKIPPED CUSTOMS!"

So the salad dressing looked like they were in perfume bottles, so we started pretending...

Beautiful cologne!

We both looked back to see that we totally ran past the Xray scan and didn't get told off! I was so shocked and was saying how dangerous this could be but Carlos came about and told us they have customs at every single gate in Singapore. So we'll get checked later on!
Feet face

I bought an intensive lip treatment from Clinique as my lips were chapped and my mum stocked up on perfume. Carlos and I looked at the new Olympus and Lumix water/shock proof cameras then we went to board.

We were so disappointed to see that this flight was much much busier compared to our inbound flight to Singapore. My heart sank as I knew that my legs were going to be cramped for 8 hours.

Do you like how the random on the far left is subtly photo bombing?

We all sat down and as people all settled, we saw that the only empty seats were at the back (where I booked our seats) and so I scurried for the 3 seater, my mum went for the 2 seater by the window and Carlos had the 3 we were originally booked in. We were all happy once again! And apart from blogging one entry, I slept terribly for most of the journey. At one point one of the stewardesses ran her trolley into my head which woke me up in shock and with a headache! Haha, its okay though, there were some turbulence over the Javanese seas.

Morning Melbourne!