Sunday, July 31, 2011


Michael and I spent the whole day shopping. Actually we split into teams - Kevin went to the Korean store in the city, AJ was designated with alcohol other than the slab of beer I was getting - and Michael and I did the rest.

Phuong did the cleaning stuff and soft drinks. Michael and I went to the markets to get ox tongue, beef brisket, pork belly and chicken breasts. We had to go several places for ox tongue as it was sold out everywhere.

We also enjoyed a Vietnamese roll for lunch and had sugar cane drink (this is so refreshing!)

We quickly cleaned his car, then we went to the Korean mart to get 2kg of Kimchi and seaweed salad. I went to Coles to get sesame oil, salt and pepper. Oh oh! Also some mushrooms and other vegies (garlic is all I remember).
Car wash!

We came back and started setting up. I bought a slab of Heinekens and I got to practise the beer popping I learned with Elias on Friday. I got it on my second go! I was so happy!

It was Serkan, Michael, Kevin, AJ, Phuong and Nate came a little later. Nate is a new guy from work and I found out it was his birthday on the weekend so I had to invite him. I was so happy he decided to come, but he came with a Turkish alcohol called Raki. Its made of grape and anise seed and it is disgusting.
Ox tongue is actually pretty disgusting

The Korean BBQ was so delicious and fun. It was my first dinner that I've hosted and I was so happy! We mixed too much soju with beer with wine and with spirits and in the end we all started getting a little messy.

Siamese Mushroom

There was ju-jitsu happening on my kitchen floor between Kevin and Nate. There was bar flaring happening with Nate, Serkan and I - except Serkan smashed a bottle all over my lounge room and I had to vacuum in the middle of the night. HAHAHAHA! There was also a little bit of dancing, and crazy ideas about food businesses for drunk people.

We had some good ideas actually. Serkan and I brought out a cake for Nate and he was so touched. He wouldn't stop thanking us and saying how he appreciates all this and being invited to this. And I was just like COME ON and blow out the candles!

You know, Nate is quite a special guy. We laughed that he's about 20 years older than me and I'm his manager, and Serkan is 10 years older too. But I have respect for them and them to me. Nate has recently made me feel like I'm capable of doing stuff - he said I'm a special girl and he's never come across a person like me no matter what age. I was so touched.

Nate says you never meet people who does kind, strange things like I do. And my head is screwed on tight and smartly. He was probably turning my head into a big egotistical monster, but at this point of time - where I am a lost sheep - it was nice to hear those things from someone I don't really know.

He said that I am his little sister, an annoying little sister. And Serkan said I am his angel. It was such a sweet night but I was messed up and ended the night with cleaning the kitchen and vomiting.

I seriously have not been at that level of intoxication for years and years. I slept like Sleeping Beauty with a sinus problem.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Angry Staff

On Saturday I lounged around for so long and then I craved Subway - so I went to get myself a chicken fillet sub.

I think I fell back asleep and woke up just in time to get ready for my staff meeting. The staff meeting was nice, my bosses formally introduced me as the manager and gave me credit for all the things I've done for the place.

It was good for me because for all the months I've been doing things, they never really said thank you or well done. I had no idea, but for the first time in years they're making profit and made enough to get themselves out of some serious debts.

We decided to revamp the cocktail menu, and also argued over what alcohol should be on the shelves.

Then I went to eat dinner at Chinatown. I had some really good roast pork and fried flounder. I also packed it in a box for my boss to have as well.

The night was good. It was quiet so I got to finish up early. One of the bartenders seemed to have a problem with me - every decision I made he would undermine. And he'd start telling people what to do and signed people off without even telling me so at the end we were understaffed. I even went up to him and said why would you do that? And he said its a waste of money keeping them on.

The only reason I was worried was because I knew he always leaves early. But he assured me that today he was going to stay til close. WELL HE DIDN'T so I was pissed off. I caught him smoking the not so legal shit outside work and I don't really care but if its going to bring out this kind of attitude I wasn't going to be happy.

He was aggressive too. He threw glass so harshly at the bin and said to me and another staff, "I was hoping it was going to stab somebody."

And when one of the staff was getting his knock off drink - the paranoid barman yelled at him saying why would you grab an import beer? You're not allowed those kind of privileges. I said to him, "We sell them for the same price anyway so just let him be."

And he completely skitzed at me at one point and I was like WOAH. Everyone was so astonished he was speaking to me that way. I was a little angry that night.

What made me even more angry was when I was bending down to clean the front of bar, my tips fell out of my pocket. And my boss (the one that loves the place but has no business mind, and is stingy and bitchy) bent down and grabbed it all.

I told him they were my tips and he just puts it in his pocket and goes, "Too bad, they're not yours now!"

I was so shocked! What's 5, 6 dollars to him as opposed to me? I worked hard for tips and for him to rudely sweep it from me was a huge disrespect.

Two friends were trying to hit on me all night and it was not working. One of the guys would constantly order a Pineapple Malibu but instead of saying that he would say Pineapple Ma-I-love-you... I told him he was a cheesy dickhead. HAHAHAHAHA! The other friend would just whisper sweet nothings into my ear and asked for my number. I wanted to say no but I don't really know how to politely say it so I said, I'll think about it - just come back next week and we'll see.

He said to me that he loves how I carry myself and that he can see that I have a great sense of character so if I tell him to come next week, he will wait for me and come next week - then he kissed my hand and I mentally vomited.

An intense fight broke out again, this time leading into the middle of the city's intersection.

Friday, July 29, 2011


I woke up hungry for authentic Japanese (yet cheap!) so I searched on the internet and found a relatively good one.

Michael and I traveled there to find this adorable restaurant called Zen. The food was delicious and the green tea ice cream was scrumptious too. It was worth your dollar. I was so happy!

Afterwards, I went to Officeworks to buy a box and bubble wrap. Then I went back home and got ready for work.

I worked and Elias taught me a trick with popping beer bottles - you slap the top and then u get the wrong side of the bar blade and just flick it up to make a POP! sound. Its so cool but I couldn't get it and I was too chicken to try it on every beer bottle I opened. I WILL LEARN IT!

Annette, Darren and Michael came in to have a drink or two. Phillip came to say hello and Kevin came later on to see how I was doing.

James that engineering tutor texted me saying hello because he can see me through the window at work but he didn't actually come in.

After work, I jetted off to my next work. Tonight was a Winter Wonderland theme so I wore a white jumpsuit. I took off my t-shirt that covered the fancy dress at my bar tending job and slapped on some heels. I was ready! HAHAHA!

But not completely ready - I knew what was coming for me for some part of the night. A costume, a big fluffy costume, a PENGUIN COSTUME!

I wore this throughout the first part of the night, and had to dance on stage as well. It was fun and super scary but I just kept thinking to myself, "NO ONE CAN SEE YOUR FACE."

I'm so glad I was the first one to sweat in it. I would hate to put it on after some other people. I was picking up girls like a frenzy, they were hugging and kissing me with so much adoration.
Where's Deena?!

Its funny how people assumed that a boy was inside. One guy walked past and was like, "Hey man!" and I was like, "HEY!" and he turned around freaked out and was like, "WOAH IS THAT A GIRL IN THERE?"

After work, Hollie, Annette and I partied a little then we had to go drop everyone home. I was so glad I could fall asleep, my legs hurt from so much exercise.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


I lounged about all day in the beautiful weather that I let seep through my windows. It was good to see sun again.

AJ dressed me for my date that night - making me appear casual yet still a little chic. I don't know if I did but I was happy with what I was wearing. Especially because I knew we were going to go bowling that night.
I sent this to AJ to show her my make up and she couldn't see a thing hahahaha and got mad!

I got ready and headed in to my staff meeting. Two of the boys were exclaiming that I looked beautiful and they've never seen me any hotter. I didn't understand why because every Friday I have to wear heels and be presentable for work, but today I was just sporting a sweater, leather jacket, jeans and flat boots.

I told them I had a date and they were like OOOOH DEENA IS GOING ON DATES NOW!

I was a little early in the city because my staff meeting finished - I just walked about the block until 7pm came.
I sent this to AJ for her approval..

I met him at Federation Square and shit! He was a lot cuter than I remembered so I suddenly got nervous. You see, I haven't really ever been on a date before. I can't recall my last date ever.

I'm talking dates as in with a guy you don't really know but he asked for your number over the bar counter when I was working. I gave it to him because we chatted all night with smart arse and intelligent remarks so I thought, "hmmm why not!?"

He was the first person out of many at work who wasn't sleazy. Anyway, we enjoyed dinner at a restaurant nearby.

I had a kangaroo fillet and he had chicken satay. Soon we walked up to the bowling centre to fight for championship.

Surprisingly, I won the first game with 84 - 72. I'm really bad at bowling though. The second game I got ripped in half with 146 - 54.

We did dare each other to do stupid goes like using left hands or trying to do a hook spin and the classic between your legs to get that one standing one in the middle.

We decided we needed a third game to level war. I had to bring my mentality back because I just kept throwing it in the gutter. We finished with 102 - 100. Such a close name, and it went to me! Oooohhh boy you should've seen how much I was gloating!

We walked back to our meeting spot and said goodbyes. I walked back up to my tram stop and saw I had 20 minutes to wait so I just started walking up the tram tracks to each next stop. I got all the way to the other end at Parliament House and he texted me saying that his car battery died and he knows how much I would be teasing him.

I thought I'd keep him company as he waited for the roadside assistance team to come by. The boy definitely goes to a crazy extent to see a girl again - haha I'm totally joking! We went and had churros and coffee then said goodbye for the second time that night. He's a little bogan, with his bogan plumber ute but completely adorable!

I had a super fun night. It brought my spirits up completely! Maybe my new hobby should just to be to go on dates. And no, he did not kiss me (That was everyone's next question).

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I spent my entire day in bed, just planning and thinking. I might have another adventure up my sleeve. I spent the entire day researching and planning an itinerary, looking up tickets etc.

I won't spare details until I actually book it! But I'm excited.
Me and AJ's bathroom's lightbulb died so we've been peeing in darkness... The bathroom is situated where no natural light can hit it and is heavily depended on electricity so I did my basic make up with no mirror and light and just took a photo of it afterwards to make sure it was decent HAHAHAHAHAHA! I really should go get a light bulb!

I was craving Korean BBQ AGAIN, so I sent out a formal invite to a few of my friends,
"To Sir Kevin, Madam AJ and Michael, Duke of Springvale. Your dear friend's stomach is yearning for KBBQ and it is of utter importance to satisfy such a greed. I cry on this very day as I suffer the ache of charcoal ox tongue and beef brisket. So I ask with less eloquence - who's down, mother beepers??!?!?!"

Kevin replied with, "Countess Deena Lynch, I am most humbled by your invitation and wish to accept it as I sir Kevin of Brimbank, your faithful cerberus will be joining thee in dining of ox tongue.... My nizzle fo shizzle."

I also invited Serkan, my work colleague. So we all met up at 6:30pm. I was a little late because I waited for AJ so we could catch a tram together. She already had prior arrangements with one of her old university friends so she couldn't make it.

The feast was beautiful, I was so content. I love Korean BBQ - I just wish it was cheaper. I then came home and tried to play guitar but the cold weather slowed down my dexterity sigh...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I went to collect my laptop on Monday. I hadn't seen Wubs in so long, since we went to Japan together in September so we decided to go have lunch together.

It was good catching up with him, I miss him so much and I have no idea why we've let time push us apart so much. Dedicated readers probably remember that I hung out with him every single day when I first moved to Melbourne. He was my best friend at that time.

He dropped me home and I stole pop rocks from his car. Those candies are so fun! When I got home, I turned on my laptop to finally put some music back into my ears - to only see that the wiring for sound hasn't been put into places.

I instantly called Wubs and he responded with, "Oops."
Hahahaha, I said that he probably did it on purpose so I had to come back.

So! I went on Tuesday, back to his work. I had to wait for him to get back to lunch so I just hung about. His manager invited me to go for after work drinks on Friday but I was like... I don't work here though?!?! Hahahahaha! And one of his colleagues was trying to keep me entertained - what a lovely bunch of people!

One of them were super cute but Wubs told me he's like nearly 30. He did not look it at all.

Wubs then fixed my laptop, chatted for a bit then I went off to have lunch by my lonesome at McDonald's. I had a stomach upset so I went to the toilets. The lady was cleaning the females so I went to the disabled/baby change room and placed my laptop case on the baby changer.

I let out all my pain and went on my merry way to buy groceries. I walked about 500m and realised that I left my laptop case on the baby changer. My heart plummeted down to my feet and occasionally threw my run off balance. I probably looked like a loser, running into McDonald's so enthusiastically.

I ran into the toilets to only find that the toilets were engaged. I waited outside for about 20 minutes and all I heard was a constant rumble of the toilet paper dispenser as the guy went for more and more paper. I JUST WANTED TO KNOW IF MY LAPTOP WAS IN THERE!
I dressed like a nerd today. Desh and I were exchanging photos of what we looked like today hahahaha

Then he flushed, I was so ecstatic. Then he flushed again, I was getting impatient.
He washed his hands, and spent a moment probably maintaining his hair etc.

He came out and looked at me strangely. Maybe I was looking at him strangely. I pretended to be waiting for my friend to come out and when I saw he was gone, ran into the toilet holding my breath.

My darling laptop case was there! HUZZAH!

I made salad for dinner and Michael bought charcoal chicken. It was a monster meal but totally satisfying!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


I woke up nice and early to enjoy the Carribean markets.
I relived childhood by eating pofertjes (Dutch Pancakes) and fairy floss. I was the oldest kid in the line to get fairy floss, and I ended up eating it double as fast compared to the little girl that got it before me.

I love fairy floss. When I was young, I thought it was the closest thing to eating clouds.

I bought 4 pairs of woolen socks to keep my footsies warmer in Winter, and I haggled down a microSD card for my phone because I've run out of room!

Oh, I also bought two punnets of strawberries. Then I enjoyed a lamb and rosemary pie. Yum yum yum!

Afterwards, we went to watch Bad Teacher but my friend fell asleep throughout the entire movie. I munched on a large box of popcorn by myself and goggled at how beautiful Cameron Diaz is.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sydney Boys

My blog posts are like Swiss cheese with holes in them here and there. My laptop was in service for too long for my short term memory to cope with all the events. My apologies!

Michael and I cooked migoreng for lunch. Then Michael, AJ and I hung out in the kitchen as I cooked butter chicken. Phuong came over and we all feasted on my Indian goodness.

The rice took forever so the dinner started losing suspense. Me and AJ went on a natural high in the kitchen dancing to music as we waited for the rice. We were like two little school girls that were celebrating our first crush, dancing about and doing all kinds of moves that would be in a NEVER EVER DO ON A DANCEFLOOR text book.

They dropped me off to work and they decided to hang about and have some drinks. Kevin joined us at Baraki.

Then they left and work carried on. There was this guy that got my colleague to tap me on the shoulder and he cheered his two beers in his hands and winked at me. I said to my colleague, "I didn't serve that guy.. why is he doing that?"

And he goes, "I SERVED HIM! I have no idea but someone likes you! HAHAHAHA."

Another guy was hanging about the bar and just kept on winking at me every time I glanced over. It was so disgusting. Then a lady pulled her body across the bar to touch my face. I thought I had something on my face but instead she whispers, "You are so beautiful."

I just bulged my eyes and tugged on my collar whilst shuddering... uguhghghgh.

I got a decent amount of tips that night though. I then had a surprise visit from my friend in Sydney, James. It made me happy that he came to see me at work even though I hadn't told him the directions.

Now, James told me to keep silence about the rest of the night as some ladies fancied him. The night ended with a big fight between egotistical men, one man got bottled and about 15 - 20 cop cars turned up, no joke.

A little chubby boy outside started hanging out with James, James, John and I. Obviously he was drunk. He introduced himself to me and just grabbed my hand. Then he asked me out for coffee and I said to just come visit me here instead.

I didn't know how to say no so me and one of the James pretended that we were dating. It was so hilarious awkwardly trying to be intimate.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Fast Forward

Let's just fast forward to Friday.
Thursday was my rest day - except for watching Harry Potter which was a huge disappointment for the final installment. I had a bigger expectation. The ending was so cringe worthy watching the young actors pretending to be 19 years older. They just looked like they were playing dress ups in their mother's clothes.
Oh, but on Thursday I had this for breakfast.

Friday I worked...
I was so sweaty from dancing too much.. oops

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rye Pier

Another early morning! This time we started off with quickly summing up theory part 4 as we had no time to do it yesterday.

Then it was time to go back into the pool. When I dunked myself in, I actually felt WARM rather than the freezing cold last time as the pool was luxurious compared to the sea.

We finished off our skills and headed straight out to the seaside. Chris packed breakfast and lunch this time (it was a beautiful bacon and egg sandwich, and a spicy tuna sandwich) so that we wouldn't waste time getting food and we wouldn't be late.

We were still determined to avoid toll roads unlike everyone else so we had to be on the ball. This time we all met at Rye Pier.

The wind was slashing like crazy but at least the sun cracked out of the sky a little. Don't get me wrong though, the sun did nothing but visibility - it was still Victorian cold.

We jumped into the icy water to practice skills in the sea. Then after about 15 minutes we surfaced. I was so happy! I was thinking, "YAY ITS OVER ALREADY!!!" but no we had to dive back in again.

I was freezing. I was shaking and bored. I saw car tyres, wood planks, pipefish, one normal fish.... Yeah I think I saw less than 10 fish throughout the entire diving course. Definitely go up to Queensland for diving.

I saw a tin can wrapped in a stocking. And lots of star fish (actually they're called sea stars now as they realised its not a fish).

I swear I was going to suffer from mild hypothermia, thats how cold I was. And throughout the entire dive, my regular was leaking sea water so I would breathe it in and it wasn't pleasant. It made my lungs feel heavy and congested. I used my safety regular and it got a little better but it was still a little leaky. I let my instructor know but I carried on.

My breaths were getting shorter as the sea water continued to leak. We finally got to surface and I was kicking away to shore. Chris ripped out my regulator twice out of my mouth so I copped a mouthful of sea water and choked.

I pushed him away and kept on kicking. The current was still strong today so I kicked diagonally to maintain myself away from getting smacked onto the pier.

We finally made it to shallow waters and we took our fins off. I was struggling to breathe so badly. It was a shame because everyone walked out of the water in Baywatch style. All in our cool gear, walking to shore, people peering at us thinking "COOL!"

Then you look over at the last little turtle and I'm heaving and puffing and dragging myself. I would stop every 5 m to crouch down and catch my breath then continue again. I definitely wasn't cool.

I got to the van and I had to strip everything off and sit down to breathe. I started to feel better but my lungs were aching. I didn't feel too good.

We moved onto the next dive location, we wanted to be prompt with time so we all just sat in our cars with our wetsuits on. We went back to yesterday's Blairgowrie jetty spot and got straight into our gears.

I was the only one with the smaller cylinder as I just wasn't inept to carry it so far down. It just meant that I had to be careful with my air supply.

This dive went more smoothly, the visibility was much better, the current was still strong but controllable. We all felt heaps better coming out of that dive compared to the night before. It was planned and under control.

My regulator was still breathing sea water even though we tightened my tank as much as we could. Obviously there was an equipment malfunction but oh well too late. It just felt like absolute crap.

I was SO pumped getting out of the water. All the coldness was done and over with. I stacked on so many layers to reward myself with warmth. All of us headed to the local hotel pub to sit our exams.

I was feeling light headed from all that sea water entering my system so I did the exam in 10 minutes. I got 97% though so I passed :)!

We waited another 15 - 20 for the others to finish and everyone passed. One person failed with 69. You needed 75 to pass but the instructor was nice and let him resit 6 questions to get himself up to 75.

We all sat around with hot chocolates or beers and ate wedges and chips. We talked and laughed and exchanged details. It was getting late and we had a few hours drive to get back home so we said our farewells.

I felt too sick to drive home so thankfully Chris drove. These last 3 days were hell but a massive experience. I will never dive in winter in Victoria ever again. It felt like boot camp.

I had a 45 minute shower then I slept like Snow White - konked out.