Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Make Up Mash Up

I went to Chadstone with Bailey to meet up with Netty and Emily. It was Netty's birthday the next day and she wanted to get her make up done so I thought I'd buy it for her as her present.

She wanted me to get it done with her so I don't know how I got convinced but I did. I dressed like a boy that day, like a total scum. The make up artist treated me like I had never worn make up before. I asked for light, light make up. She promised me that she'd keep things natural.

Next thing I knew she was asking to put lashes on me and I was like "WOAH WOAH WOAH!" but she said that she promises they are the most natural lashes. She started caking on foundation and I was like, "What is that?" and she's like "Oh foundation. Why what's wrong?"

I said it was a little much and she's like well you're in for it now! HAHAHAHAHA in the end the make up wasn't very light and I think she meant natural as in neutral tones (like browns).

I went to the toilet straight away and wiped off a bit until my friends stopped me. I felt like a cake just got bazooka'd onto my face. Straight after I went and ate lunch and just ruined my face make up by shoving McDonalds into it.

We went back to Netty's and just lounged about in her Snoop Dog pimp bed (im talking leopard pillow cases, cushions, doona and even leopard sheets!) Annette and Emily got ready and Bailey and I gave approval.

We then drove back to Baileys so he could scrub up from his usual scumbag form and then headed on our merry way!

My work was holding a one of even at Crown Casino where they opened up the whole floor of clubs. I took the night off so i could party it up for Annette's birthday and give myself a breather. The night was boring, and continued to be until 1 bourbon & coke, 2 Alize & lemonades, 3 tequilas, floor.

I danced like a dorky version of Tina Turner for a few hours and then it was time to go home. I had a big day planned tomorrow.

Then tomorrow became today and I cant be bothered to do two separate posts so I'm going to cram it all into one. I woke up. Yes. Kevin, AJ and Bailey all came out for lunch. We went to check out this corporate canteen called Earls Canteen. The place is renowned for gourmet baguettes for people on the run. Kevin and I enjoyed a crispy pork belly on a bed of fennel, lettuce and I don't remember what else but it was really foodgasmic.

Kevin and I indulged in earl grey, rose, pistachio and black sesame macaroons which were gorgeous! We all know I'm a macaroon fiend so I gotta say these ones rated high on the scale! Texture was great.

Then I popped over to the luxurious Silk Road bar on Collins St to meet with my friend and a make up artist to help him with his portfolio. The shoot was alright actually, I was expecting it to be worse and a lot more cliche. And it wasn't too strenuous and uncomfortable either. The venue is gorgeous, reminds me of Gossip Girl.

That's two days in a row of caked make up and I felt gross. I felt like a baby skank. And my hair looked like I just walked off the set of That 70's Show.

Make up artist and I

Chris picked me up and we went for some BEAUTIFUL Wagyu steak. I was creaming in my seat as I ate through the salt crusted edges and delved into the melting meat inside. We enjoyed bruschetta for entree and creme brulee, warm dark chocolate & pistachio fondant. YUM!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Kaiser and I hung out before work. I had fun, I know we don't talk much to each other but I can tell we have a lot more in common than we let on. There's a lot going on in that little head of his and its just as noisy as mine.

I went and checked out his new place, the view from his apartment is A-MAZING! I'll show you a photo soon. He then cooked me delicious dinner then dropped me off to work.

Let's fast forward past work. Cool. Oh and a guy gave me his number but wrote in black ink on a black serviette.. smart one!

Everyone's road tripping to places. Michael and the boys are out on a fishing trip and I couldn't go because of work! I would've LOVED to have gone. The amount of fishes they caught seems like the bible story all over again!

Baileys off to Adelaide to gig with his band boys.

And I'm stuck here popping beer bottles and sticking my hand down clogged vomit-looking sinks. HAHAHAHA!

I barely slept and woke up to get picked up by Van (one of the bussies) to meet everyone from work at the Imperial Hotel. We enjoyed some pub grub and watched the UFC main events. Jon Jones is amazing, the risk and creativity he takes to strike was fascinating to watch! We all knew he'd win though.

Afterwards, Nate went home. Van, Sandra, Serkan and I chilled out at Allan's Music looking at guitars then headed to a cute cafe called Puccino's. We weren't sure if it'd be good because it was quiet but after we settled down a whole bunch of people rocked up. AND my green tea chai latte was scrumptious! We also had a truck load of macaroons to the point that the guy gave us complimentary hot chocolate.

We all knew he just wanted to show off his amazing barista skills because he was going on about it at the cashier. It is impressive though haha.

We chilled out, bitched about work, discussed the hospitality industry and decided that 5 hours of hanging out was quite enough. Van and I had an interesting conversation on the way home about business and hospitality.

I went home and blogged, knocked over my cactus and dirt was EVERYWHERE in my room. The vacuum won't suck it up either. AJ invited Bailey over for dinner but I didn't want to ask him as I saw him on Saturday morning and I missed him terribly. That doesn't make me feel good. I'm an independent girl and I don't want to feel needy.
'ello goth

I wasn't going to ask him to come over, but I really needed duct tape.

And chocolate.

Friday, September 23, 2011


We had brunch with my sister before she had work. It was overpriced but delicious. We then caught the train to Bondi Junction, checked out the area, had a caramel latte, stole some serviettes to empty out my nose phlegm tap for later on and then headed down to the beach.

It was a fair walk down, we went to the side of the main beach where there were many rocks and caves. It was beautiful. I told myself that I would not think about the many things that have been bothering me of recent while I'm in Sydney. I couldn't help it today. My mind wandered and I tried to block it out.

Bailey and I sat on a little seaside hide out and I cleared my mind. I stared at the sea, I stared at the sky, I stared at Bailey and figured out what I wanted. I wanted a new guitar, a semi acoustic one. I wanted a life of happiness not money, I wanted music. Hell no I'm not that good but I've gotta stop putting myself down. Music settles my mind in a peaceful state. I'm not saying that I've decided to career-wise aim towards music, I just mean I gotta stop being ashamed and pushing my passions away.

As for career, I'll worry about that later. I think right now I gotta concentrate on learning who I am, what I like and heal some wounds. I've realised that Bailey is good for my troubled soul. I'm in no way saying that I should be serious with him, I'm just saying that his company is good. He understands me and helps me sort shit in my squishy pink brain.

Same with Michael, ever since Michael and I have gotten really close as good mates I've realised that my self-esteem and confidence has grown a lot. Even my mum called me and said that I seem healthier and happier.

I'm happy. Sydney was good for my soul.

I don't know why but I love this photo that I took, even though my camera is not fancy

We then walked around to peer over to the main beach but we never set foot in it. I hate how commercialised that beach is. The winds and dark clouds suddenly swept over so we had churros, chai lattes and mint hot chocolates then set off back home.

Hey birdies!

We packed our bags, met up with my sister and John. Chit chatted, grabbed a cheap but frigging awesome Japanese bite, met up with James and his strange little friend quickly then caught the train to the airport.

AJ is back from Indonesia!

Home sweet home. Ah, humbug.