Friday, November 30, 2012

Busy Bee

Oh wow I've been so busy that I've neglected this for nearly a month.
A lot has been happening I guess, its that crazy time with all of my university assessments and music tour going on at the same time so I've just been in way over my head.

All of my university assessments are finished, I just have two exams left that I gotta study for.
I've also done 3 gigs from my tour so far. I went down to Melbourne and performed 5 times over 3 days. It was really tiring. Now I'm super sick and got the worst cold and my very first performance in my hometown, Brisbane is tomorrow. I hope I'll be okay.

Bailey has also come back into my life now a little bit. I texted him while I was in Melbourne and he surprisingly messaged back. I was certain that he didn't want to hear from me ever again. Unfortunately he was in Tasmania so we couldn't meet up but we did continue messaging. I don't know what I'm doing really, because we won't ever work out with the current situation. So we're really just putting up our hearts to get toyed. I'll see him in Melbourne on my next gig (where I only fly down for one day) and figure it out then.

I've had to find a brand new car.. my beautiful green bean is in its dying days unfortunately. So far its done about 330k so its a solid effort for a 1998 car haha. I put in a deposit for a car yesterday and I love it to bits, but just sad to be moving on from my corolla.

Time Off Magazine interviewed me for their December issue so that's really cool. It took me ages to conjure up some answers. Interviews are a tough one when you have to sit down and write it knowing its going to get printed for people to read.

I've also been working on trying to shave a semester off my uni degree by transferring my University of Melbourne engineering subjects as electives and then overloading for 2 semesters. I just wanna be done with school. I'm enjoying it but yeah, would be nice to finish quicker seeing as I spent 2 years working, traveling or recording.

My cousin, aunty and uncle from my dad's side are interested in coming to see me play tomorrow, which is really nice... but I haven't seen them since I was probably like 13. I'm happy and flattered but also a little disappointed that it has taken this much with my music for them to care and make an effort. That's just me being begrudging to the Lynch family though. I am happy that they might be coming, that's all that matters.



Wednesday, November 7, 2012



If you don't want to get hurt, don't read my blog.
I'm an honest person and this is my vent space. Most of y'all would be told that I write a blog anyway, and its not like I'm not honest in real life - just reading it re-iterated is what plucks your dear heart strings.

I have a very bad memory and this is why I write it down. I go back to my blog and remind myself. I tend to forget what I did the month before, a week before.. sometimes even a night before. Then I get completely confused whether or not it was a dream or if I'm lying to myself. Its actually very frustrating.

I have a neurologist appointment in a week. I really don't want to go but they are making me.
Oh! I got tests done the other day. I am so super proud of myself because I was totally going to skip out on it.

I had an ECG done. I've never had one of those before. The chick was just like. TAKE YOUR TOP OFF. TAKE YOUR BRA OFF. And I'm thinking, but my dear dear precious nipples will be exposed! I made her get me a blanket. I felt so awkward, mainly because the doctors is like around the corner from my house so what if I'm just casually strolling by and they're like HEY NIPS, HOW YOU DOING?

I then had a Chest X-Ray done! That was nothing fancy except for a huge waiting line.

Blood test was the crazy part. I have a terrible blood phobia. I also can't hack people touching my inner elbow, or drawing blood out from there would most definitely make me faint. So I asked the lady if I can get it from the top of my hand and she was so sweet. She was so sweet throughout the whole procedure. Definitely a first. Normally they bitch about how I should just grow up.

I try to tell myself its just red liquid but I can't help it. My legs go jelly and then my head goes queasy. I think I'm traumatised from that one time a lady couldn't find my vein and had to jab me 5 times in one arm than 2 times in the right one before calling on the senior nurse who couldn't find my veins either so attached me to a machine to forcefully pump it out. Yuck yuck yuck.

Okay no more blood test talk. I did it and am very proud! 3 days later.. it still makes me queasy when I think about it, and I try not to think about it but once I tell myself not to think about it my mind thinks about it. Hahahahahhahahahaha.

I'm getting some crazy stress from the music business and school. So many assignments, so many things to do!

Okay rant over.

Saturday, November 3, 2012


I've been so terribly stressed the last few weeks. The pimple constellation on my forehead can be a reflection of the stress I have been enduring.

 Firstly, I've had mid semester exams and assignments. But its mainly this whole music business that has sent my mind in uproar. Here is what I'm learning quickly about the music business and all things related to it.

- People are unreliable
- People are disrespectful
- People are unprofessional
- People do not respect deadlines
- People are hard to get a hold of
- People are a pain in the ass to organise

I wanted to get my tour confirmed and released by next week, so then I can send my press release out to community radios and local media publishers but I can't because I have to wait on other people. Its just driving me MENTAL! But its all good fun. I just hope I can get it out soon before the end of the month, when my little tour kicks off. I need enough time for promoting you know?

As for my music video, I don't know what to do about that because it wasn't completed by deadline and I had to decline a venue due to exams. I might just have to release it next year. I know I'm meant to not say anything and keep it all together but I am independent so I have no big management to report to and this blog is about the real shit in my life, so here's my honesty.

I am also running out of money. I am the biggest stinge now. And with the whole music thing and university, I don't have much time to work unless I go find myself a manager. We'll figure out, Deen Deen. I'm just venting, I do have a lot of fun and happiness with the busyness it hands to me. And I'm a natural stress pot and organised freak so I'm sure I'm just getting my knickers in two knots, rather than it only needing one.

I went to a 21st last night. I haven't seen Brittany since high school and when she saw me, she cried. I was really touched. I didn't expect her to cry at all, and I just felt so cruel that I left high school and I just didn't contact anyone except Desh for 3 years.

I brought Taylor along as my date because he's a good looking bloke and I didn't want to be a third wheel to Desh and Isti. Taylor is a great guy and will make a great catch for any lady looking to tick all criteria but my heart is just hung up on Bailey. I probably would've been all over that shit before I met Bailey but now I think that 'perfect dude' is a little boring for me.

I'm not saying Taylor is boring. I haven't seen the guy in 8 years since primary school so I don't really know him. Desh put a great example that... Bailey is like The Notebook and Taylor is like The Lucky One. Hahahaa.

I miss Bailey. I had a little sulk the other day but that'll come from time to time. At least my mum is back to keep me company.

Oh I haven't gotten trashed in years, and Desh made me last night. She said I'm boring for always driving so for once to just have fun. So we knocked over a bottle of wine before heading out then I drank tequila sunrises all night. We hit up Caxton St and then the Valley. I must've been that drunk that disgusting Irish blokes decided to hit on me, even though there were dudes with me. Ah well. Isti (Desh's man) pretended to be my boyfriend and told them to leave.

He was so hilarious, "Hey mate, I've only been dating her for like a month so I'm still really sensitive and overprotective about dudes talking to her so can you leave?"

Oh, I played at The Boundary Hotel on Wednesday and perhaps got two gig opportunities from that. My friends are mad I don't tell them where I play but I just wanna get some practise in before I call on judgement day. Ya know?

Alright, I'm bloody hungover and I gotta do an assignment and chase some people about gigs. Hoo rah.
Those photos weren't pretty.