Sunday, January 31, 2010

Le Ambiguous Wrap

For me, summer holidays don't iconize Coronas, the coast, fake tans or barbecues - for me, it's the shocking sleeping patterns. *glances at Wubsley*
Although at times, I wake and regret wasting the day but I'm in love with the night more. With my delusional state from the lack of forty winks, I end up doing more interesting activities anyway.

Today, I had band rehearsal. After years, we actually got some footage and recording in, it was fun. The majority of us were tired (Phil passing out on the floor).

Here's the original 3 (Kevin the Bassist was absent that day)

And here's today (with the beautiful addition of Phil the drummer, and Josh moving to bass now)

I'm still furious and delirious, so here's my song, Stolen for --> download
Chorus When your love gets stolen away from you
You wander how you were meant to do
All the little things that makes you happy
You call to hear unavailable
Then you learn that shit is unknowable
That he is unpredictable

Rap In the club, dancing hard just waiting on the fun to pass by, don't ask why, I can't think of a lie to tell you but I'm really confused because you and I - we were just brand new. Yet you had guts to batter your eyes and drag me through hell while I loved through your lies. 30 days and 31 nights and it really came down to the blinding Magic City (club name) strobe lights. Maybe you remember it better as you are still alive, somewhere, with someone I don't even know. You were by my locked side, pocket size while we blew our time at Babyface (Asian club event name) asian tide. It happened in a split second I felt you leave me all alone, I turned around to find you missing gone. Super Saiyan I screamed, "Who took my fucking n97 mini Nokia phone?"
But the only replies I got was Ke$ha churning, "Tik tok on the clock the party don't stop, no." So I guess it's time to say goodbye and do it without expecting a damn reply but I'm really learning you were just a tease, but honey there's plenty more fish in the sea. I'll just whip out my silver debit card and buy out a girl double as hard.

3 cheers for my beat boxing attempt? LOL
Ciao baby giraffes~

Saturday, January 30, 2010


I went into Optus today, I got my number transferred and my phone barred. So suck my big black...
I also had a dream and it went like this...
*harp music plays as the audience transcends into my dream*
I was back at Babyface, Magic City (the club event and place name) and I saw this massive Asian dude with my phone dangling out of his pocket, so I grab it and he turns around and yells,
"HEY! You look kinda cute... In that polkadot bikini gurrrlll.." (For all you lost people thats a song by LMFAO)

but no he actually yells,
and I reply with,
Then I lay one on him, multiple times.. if only that was true I would pwn him hard.

I also wrote a song about my phone, but I made it sound like my beautiful soulmate who dogged me for another boy. It's called 'Stolen' I'll think about sharing it, maybe. If you be good.
Went to Jeff's gathering tonight, I learnt two things:
1) Serbians love their dick
2) I've got some good friends

Talking about good friends, piglets using his insurance on his n97 to cover my phone chaaaannnn ^^

I'm going to start sharing the facts I learn daily from a website Quinton showed me

Friday, January 29, 2010

Fck my life

Yeah and its fck my life because on my Mac keyboard, most of the keys crashed and now I'm attaching an external keyboard to it. What's the point of a fucking laptop? Oh plus, my screens going ballistic now.

Hey, and I got my phone stolen tonight.
Plus with two all nighters,

God I feel great.
p.s Mansfield is my suburb
p.p.s I could live caveman style without my gadgets

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Green Peas

The skies are washed with a cerulean blue, with that hint of tuscan orange that never fails to PENETRATE your skin. Ohh yeah, does that word make you feel funny? Wubsley and I had a conversation about the words penetrate, erected and moist. Seeing as he said it every 2 seconds, I thought I'd take it a step further and try it on my blog.

But anyway, the skies are dancing with those fun bag colours because its - 5:44 a.m. and I have to be up at 8 a.m. Damn those agonizing headaches that stop you from sleeping! I just ate a yoghurt as to not be rude to my stummy to pop a pill, I feel much better. However, my friend caught this picture of me.

I was just trying to use the coldness to cool down my headache!

I get my green peas (license) today! Hope I get a new picture too because my current one looks lost as.
Anyway, this next segment is totally awesome. Who would've thought pokemon could ever look nasty and frightening!
For the whole set click one two three four

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Chicken Wrap

Strap your seat belts, long post coming up! Yes, I know I look like a try-hard ghetto mango chutney up there, and you can barely see my attempted aluminum foil grillz but its all for a purpose.

Or Download

The Story:
I wrote a rap, a chicken wrap. Mec did this awesome track for Mr. David Kimchi Tat for Christmas. I heard it in Tat's car and freestyled (mind you, absolutely terribly about ;) mother affairs). I promised I'd write lyrics to it and so about a month later, I finally did it - only due to my delusional state yesterday because I hadn't slept for two days.

The Lyrics:
Introduction We got Mr. David Tat and Freckles chuggin' the chicken wrap for him ow!

Verse 1 No hesitation, just sanitation cause this boys got the smelly sensation.
Did I mention that he's asian? Yeah, fresh from the Canton Nation.
You be hearing him say I ceebs doing this, I ceebs doing that cause my name is Twat *cough* I apologise - I be meaning Tat.
Pay to play, with no lag with his WoW boy fag where be askin' in human form, "Sup noobs! Where is Northshire Abbey?"
But its cute cause our boy is always happy.
/Uninstall and find a new game, before I windfury your ass and put you to shame
Cause we all know that you got hacked while you were chowing down that Big Mac, PWNAGE!

Chorus Cause we be rollin' it together, wherever. Even though I may be rippin' you, I'm loving you!

Verse 2 Uh, so here comes Chapter 2, where epic fail David wearing blue van shoes, decided to go all Chris Brown and strike a domestic violent rebound.
LADIES! This a true narration, when he was packing back to masturbation, the noob cracked his iPhone creation, it was out of his chigga temptation.
*phone call* Waddup! Sorry did I give you a heartache? Yes I slept with Buble's fiancee. I bet that one hurt but you all gotta know she's easy as dirt. Ouchies!
One thing that grills are your sweet art skills, I gotta admit that those lines could green kill and gives the eyes the speedin' thrill that we all pine for, CHYEAH~

End Have you seen her? The names Deena. Y'all better remember it, see ya!

The Explanation:
Freckles is the nickname he gives to me because of the repetitive pigments on my skin, argh!
He's a smelly Cantonese.
Ceebs is a word he always says (stupid Melbourne term) which means cbf (can't be fucked).
Tat is his last name, Twat is his real name (I'm joking, don't kill mee)
He plays WoW (World of Warcraft) and Northshire Abbey is the beginner's area.
Windfury is a 1HP basic attack
His life ended when he got hacked, LOL
One night when he was intoxicated and asleep, he rolled over his iPhone and cracked it. I will never let him live it down.
He's in love with Michael Buble's fiancee.
He's a mad artist.
My name is Deena.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


In the peak hours of evening, Quinton and I wrote a song. Our melodic chemical reaction was titled Sunset and was heavily influenced by a foreign tale that entranced us both. I'll post a demo once we complete the 5% left to do.

On a more serious note, I cannot cook for shit. Here I am at 2 a.m. eating fried fish leftovers like a vulture. I then progressed on to cruskits - and seeing as the pantry was empty I used spreads of Nandos peri peri sauce, Japanese mayonnaise and strawberry yoghurt. I'll say two things, creative but disgusting.

After 8 days of being house ridden from my surgery, I finally got to do a Mansfield run with my two favourite boys. I'm slowly waking up to where I'll be in less than a month - and its miles from here. Who'll put money on that the heartless one will cry?


I did it to shield the person from pain, to prevent any bullets being fired. I hazily woke up at 3p.m. this afternoon to find only the fragments lodged in my skin.

Now just waiting on the infection.

Happy Australia Day, baby roos!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Presents & Pranks

I've been spoilt this Summer - like milk that's been in the fridge way past its expiry date. It didn't help that a fortnight ago was my fat 18th and Christmas being a month before.

My friend Otter with the utmost remarkable talent, handcrafted me a beautiful baritone ukulele resonator (that's a mouthful) to add to my petite collection. I can't wait for Otter (Oh, I named it after you! And yes, I name my instruments) to arrive in the mail.

However, my sticker raped guitar hasn't been christened with a name so if anyone has ideas? (Check out above polaroid)

After an enriching 11 hour sleep, I wake up to Wubsley telling me to call Melbourne University. I recited him the conversation and how I had to say my number. He was like, "Oooh is that your number?" I responded with, "No, I made that up for conversational purposes." He said, "I was going to save that! What if I rang you and I got a random?!?!"
Eventually, it lead on to me daring him to do it as some trust game and funnily enough - he did it! Thing is, he had no idea it was my mother's number! Mum: *In a rich, rotund asian accent* Hello?
Wubs: Hey, can I speak to Deena?
Mum: Who?
Wubs: Deena?
Mum: What?
Wubs: Oh yes please.
Mum: So you want Deena?
Wubs: Yes please.
Dee: Yeah?
Mum: Phone!
Dee: Who?
Mum: Your friend!

Bet he's feeling really shamed out now because I got him good - but I actually got him better.
Mother was actually Academy Award winning Deena, and that is my number :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Child Labour

First eating disorders, now this?

96 hours of child bearing labour granted my search to discover any recovery method - from dried prunes to sachets of laxafail. I felt like I was Octomum and was on the brink of crying (huge thing for a heartless girl). Never have I felt such excruciating pain.

All this due to damn Panadeine Forte pain medication symptoms! Ahh, don't think I would be so hasty and wide-eyed to fall pregnant. I'm talking my first taste of constipation.

After incessant torture, it was on the ripe afternoon of today that I gave birth to three beautiful sienna brown children, totes ladylike!

The eldest brown child is dubbed Wubsley, due to his support.

Eating Disorder

Sigh, the secrets out.

Exactly what the title explains my situation as.
Yes ladies, I have an eating disorder.
Being a hardcore Gossip Girl fan, my straw diet consists of mashed potato, congee, yoghurt, ice cream on those rare occasions where your boyfriend breaks up with you and puree.

You may think this is a harsh, ungodly outlet to confess my sins but really I'm just obliged to dedicate myself to such a routine until the stitches in my mouth dissolve and the swelling in my cheeks calm down.

Ah the joys of getting 3 wisdom teeth extracted. I've been degraded to Hamtaro, David Hasselhoff, Totoro, chipmunk and Buzz Lightyear.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Maybe I'm less wise without my wisdom teeth.

Maybe it's time my band thought of a name.
Maybe I'm deranged to think I'll survive on Swanston.
Maybe a blog will occupy my thoughts.