Monday, January 31, 2011


I spent 6 hours playing with Ethan seeing as I did nothing all day. Boy, was I exhausted! And for some reason, for a little boy who is freshly 5 he's over having afternoon naps which means no rest for poor Deena.

We took the puppies for a walk in the park, Ethan took his scooter, we enjoyed the sunshine and I taught him how to climb the monkey bars.

We took photos on my laptop..

He spammed my photo booth when I went to the shower

When we went back home, Ethan threw a tantrum because he had to go home. WOW, I had never seen anyone so adamant on staying! He didn't want to leave me! He cried for about 30 minutes and locked himself in the bathroom, only letting me come in to try talk to him. Even though he let me in, he wouldn't talk, only cuddled in my lap or faced the wall. I thought it was hilarious, so check this out.

His dad eventually just plucked him into the car and drove him home, where I then got a phone call saying that Ethan wanted to talk to me. I was like, "Oh no.. still wants to play?!"

I answered a "Hello Ethan!"
Where he replied with, "HI DEENA! Would you like to go to the movies with me next week?"
I said, "Yes okay, sure!"
Ethan: "We're going to watch Gulliver's Travels"
He's definitely going to be a demanding man, but I'm proud that he's already trying to pick up the ladies. HAHAHAHA

Afterwards, I went back to my apartment to pick up the few things I've left to find that Mohabs was working. We talked and mucked around for a few hours, I went up to get my stuff and put it in the car, handed my keys over and was about to say goodbye. Mohabs interrupted and said, "Just go, don't say anything"

I pinky promised I'd be back this week. 3 minutes later, I got a text from him asking if I could come back for a hug, a goodbye hug - of course I was going to do that much for a great friend of mine so I hurried back to hug him. I ran back out and texted him a, "It's not a goodbye hug, Mohabs!"

I went to sit in the car and saw my beloved cactus that has stayed with me for a year and knew it was fitting to give under Mohab's care so I grabbed the lovely little thing, popped it on his desk, muttered "You can take care of this for me!" and ran out, when I went into the car I realised I forgot instructions so I texted again ordering, "It doesn't need water, just sunlight! Take care of the cactus because I love it to bits, if you don't - give it back!"

I saw tears in your eyes, Mohabs! Don't be sad!! Even though I'm not living there, I'm still a friend and I still trust you the most in Melbourne! And don't stop making friends with people who live there just because they eventually leave, it's unfair they have to tolerate strict security just because I broke your heart! HAHAHAHAHA :)

Sunday, January 30, 2011


I woke up starving but because of my first encounter of 40+ degree heat, all the stores around the area was closed so we went to Coles to make something that didn't require too much energy. I made my rendition of Waldorf Apple Salad and grilled some chilli, rosemary and thyme Atlantic Salmon. I'll be modest and say that it was delicious and I was proud!

I then played Lego with Ethan for a little bit and invited him to go to the beach with me. It was too hot for him so he wasn't allowed to go and he threw a tantrum. Chris and I had to tell a white lie and say we weren't going anymore but we'd watch movies with him at night time.
We headed down to Geelong and despite how enticing the picture looks - it was crap. I have no idea why its a well known area, maybe because of the interesting swimming establishment in the sea so that people can dive and etc.

We didn't last long, the sand looked dangerous with way too many cracked sea shells waiting to poke and scratch, and the sea looked like - sewerage so I laid on the grass where the dragonflies zoomed around. Sounds picturesque, but it got annoying so we went home to eat Japanese. I'm never going to Geelong again!

I had a whole large sashimi moriawase to myself, and some chicken karaage! Unfortunately, they had no green tea ice cream but the tempura banana was scrumptious!
Karate Face

I then hurried to Ethan's as he was eagerly waiting for us, staying up late for our arrival! We watched The Karate Kid (bad idea, I had to tolerate his karate practice).
p.s Apparently, Ethan and I are married and our wedding song was Chris Brown - With You! HAHAHAHA

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Joey Diamond

I always wake up late, my body clock is totally out of whack. So let's just say, I woke up and had to get ready soon for dinner with Marcus.

We picked up Marque on the way and then Chris and Marque dropped me off to Melbourne Central. I met Marcus under the big clock and we hurried ourselves over to Hardware Lane for dinner at Vialetto (from my memory). We sat on the third level over looking the busy, boutique street where music was being played by an adorable jazz band.

I looked at the menu and saw that they had kangaroo fillet, and you know how I always want to try different delicacies so I ordered that in medium rare and Marcus got the rump steak.

I've always been told that kangaroo tastes like chicken, but they were so off - the meat texture is pretty much like very lean beef! We then had chocolate mousse for dessert!


Marcus then hurried to drop me off to work where I was a little late because I got lost. I was handed a flashing LED badge so people can find us VIP waitresses. There was only two of us that night and I was actually so bored and tired that the night went by slowly. Joey Diamond did a great performance, I actually preferred listening to him than Joseph Vincent - I guess JV just has the whole package!

I served Joey Diamond and he was a sweetheart once again, thanking me for serving him his drinks swiftly and asked me my name because he forgot it the night before as he was drunk. My sentences are terrible on my blog lately because 5 year old Ethan is talking to me so I'm terrible at multi-tasking sometimes. Sorry!

Marque and Chris picked me up, they made me a video that was absolutely hilarious then I went home and slept. I was so tired!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Joseph Vincent

Today was clean up. Phillip came over again to bring my pancakes and help out. I vacuumed, scrubbed stove tops and the shower. Phillip did all the tiles!
I was so exhausted but I had to push on for 4pm, when the inspector would check my place out!
I also showered with the bins so they could get cleaned.. I didn't think my sink would be big enough hahaha!

My whole wardrobe surprisingly fitted in one fat suitcase!

Scott came right on time to tell me that about 400 would be taken out of my bond, but that's just procedure, I didn't have any damages. I reckon it is a little bullshit though, my apartment looks pretty good but they're taking 55 for light cleaning (I did everything though!) 70 for steam cleaning (understandable) 250 for painting walls (I only have two chips and it was there already!) and 15 for a mattress protector. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Chilling in the sun, had no idea this was taken.. LOL

Wow my blogs are terrible these days because my mind has gone kaputt! I'm sorry! Anyway, I fell asleep for about half an hour and then got ready for work. It was expected to be very busy because of Joseph Vincent's performance so I started at 9:30pm. I was so stressed yet again due to my girls disappearing in the crowd to check out Joseph Vincent up close. So, I was fretting about trying to find two of my six girls and it took me about an HOUR+! Arrghhh then I had people stealing other people's areas and people complaining about drunk girls spilling others' drinks as they fell down with their class/dignities. It was about 12:30am where I couldn't handle it anymore and took a ten minute break. I told you this week would finally kick in the exhaustion.

Ajay's birthday.. obviously drunk already with Jonno

My friend Helen getting serenaded by Joseph Vincent, happy 21st :) Helen Melon!

The break helped but my friends told me I looked terrible hahaha. At 1:30am, Eric told me to come follow him and rest up a little - where he took me to the back VIP room where I got to meet Joey Diamond (Youtube Star) I was so starstruck that I shook his hands for about a whole minute just going, "Oh my god, woww.. oh my god woww wowww wowwwww"

He was such a sweet heart! Gave me a hug and let me take a photo even though it was his night off and no one is meant to hassle him. He tiptoed and I squatted to let him seem taller.

I then got introduced to Joseph Vincent, who is also a gentlemen and gave me not one, but two hugs.. I walked out of the VIP room back to work with euphoria inscribed into my face and hovered around the floors in slow motion. WEEHEHEHEHEHHEEEEE :)

He's touching me!!!! o_O

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Move Out

It was time to pack up the rest of the things left over from my apartment, by this point I was very, very exhausted. I could just tell that I was at my energy levels end and a severe bout of exhaustion would strike me soon. Now, this is very dangerous for my body (if you remember I was very sick at the end of last year so I'm just weak now!) because I tend to just faint or shut down at any time! LUCKILY, I hadn't yet :)

Phillip came over to help out and even bring me lunch from my favourite chicken store, Nandos!
Do you like how I blog while he's doing the work?

I also badly tripped over on my shoes and coat rack and carpet burned my knees and got stabbed by metal poles, so this is my solution... plastic bags sticky taped to the poky bits.

I even did more laundry! Lint ball...

At night time, I popped over to Marlon's place for his going away barbeque - he's just going overseas for a month with some others so it was pretty much just a gathering. My eyes bellied out in enthrallment when I saw, a ping pong table! The Australian Open totally hyped up my urge to play tennis so ping pong was the next best thing. It was my first time playing ping pong and after about 10 minutes of getting used to the miniature size, I'm going to be honest - I ripped the table with my skills!
Chauffeur service

I hurried back home and started cleaning, mainly dusting down and scrubbing walls - then I fell asleep at 5am
But first, emptied the intestines of my piggy bank and counted 99 dollars exact! :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australia Day

Funny faces

I look like a country bumpkin! All my clothes were packed away okayyy!

So I woke up at midday and rushed over to Steve's house for a good ol' Aussie barbeque! Poor Steve got sucked into our cruel schemes. First I asked if I could look at myself on the camera and take photos, then Vince went and said, "Hey.. I'm wanting to buy an iPhone can I check out yours?" Steve handed it over way too easily.

So the plan was set, all the electronics were off his body - then we got him to do an Australian Day speech by the pool and he fell to his doom. The cutest thing was his dog, DJ trying to save him but not wanting to jump in, just barking away, "I'm here for you when you get out!"

I had to rush back though to get packing, again. This time I was getting very stressed and exhausted but I finally let myself have a break and sleep at 5 am.

Thank you Chris for helping me pack today!!