Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Open Mic

Thanks for all the lovely anonymous messages. I really do appreciate them.

You know that I'm okay, its just this blog is my most honest medium to transcribe my thoughts on. I find it difficult to open up and so I get stuck into heart break pickles like the one I'm going through because I just won't try.

It's okay though. I'm keeping my mind busy with school and music and that is keeping me happy. I do know that it is a part of life but I'm still allowed to hurt. Anyway, I'm using it to stimulate writing songs! Haha! So, it's a great use towards my music endeavours.

I've started to become super pro-active with my music (or try to be). There's only so much a newbie independent knows on what to do. I've scored a couple of gigs that I will post soon once all the details are confirmed. You know, scoring gigs is one thing but practise is another. My last performance was 2 months ago and because I'm so inexperienced, I knew I had to go get my blood boiling.

So last night I went to an Open Mic near my university to get some practise in. I WAS SO SUPER SCARED. I was shaking and I stuffed up a multitude of times. I came off that stage thinking I did terrible but surprisingly I got a good response from the crowd. I guess I did okay then, but I know I can do better so I'll go to Open Mics weekly until I feel more comfortable haha. I'm determined to polish up my skills.

University is keeping me busy too, its already past mid-semester. I'm enjoying it. I've gotta work hard to sustain a scholarship otherwise my family would never be able to afford sending me. At least business is much more relaxed than engineering. Although I was surprised at the workload. I might not have to spend as much time at university compared to Engineering but there is a lot of off-time too. Probably because I'm doing my degree accelerated to chop off a year.

I'm still home alone in this big house. My grandma fainted last weekend and had to be rushed off to hospital for internal bleeding. I hope she's okay. My mum is staying back another week, she can't stay more than a month because she stupidly entered her home country with the Australian passport. I scolded her saying, "IF THERE WAS EVER A TIME YOU WOULD USE YOUR TAIWAN PASSPORT.... DON'T YOU THINK IT WOULD BE IN TAIWAN?"
Haha she is so silly but. Means I'd have to clean the house next week but. Thoroughly. My long hair is everywhere and she'll freak. Plus I've set up camp in the dining room and that's a total pet peeve of hers.

I've been hanging out with my primary school friend. I haven't seen him in 8 years but he's also going through a heartbreak so we've been doing girly things like watch movies and eat ice cream out of buckets together. It is funny.

Sigh, I miss the boy but I'm not hurting so much anymore. I've accepted that he is a learning curve for me and I should grow from this experience and let him find someone he deserves. Doesn't mean I'm gonna let the next person in with full force but! Do not worry. I am the anti-relationship man. My mum has drummed that into me well.

Sorry that I only really blog once a week now. School doesn't make for interesting conversation.


lalaaaanita said...

I enjoy reading about your life :)

That is all.

Anonymous said...

I hope you don't hurt inside anymore :)