Friday, November 30, 2012

Busy Bee

Oh wow I've been so busy that I've neglected this for nearly a month.
A lot has been happening I guess, its that crazy time with all of my university assessments and music tour going on at the same time so I've just been in way over my head.

All of my university assessments are finished, I just have two exams left that I gotta study for.
I've also done 3 gigs from my tour so far. I went down to Melbourne and performed 5 times over 3 days. It was really tiring. Now I'm super sick and got the worst cold and my very first performance in my hometown, Brisbane is tomorrow. I hope I'll be okay.

Bailey has also come back into my life now a little bit. I texted him while I was in Melbourne and he surprisingly messaged back. I was certain that he didn't want to hear from me ever again. Unfortunately he was in Tasmania so we couldn't meet up but we did continue messaging. I don't know what I'm doing really, because we won't ever work out with the current situation. So we're really just putting up our hearts to get toyed. I'll see him in Melbourne on my next gig (where I only fly down for one day) and figure it out then.

I've had to find a brand new car.. my beautiful green bean is in its dying days unfortunately. So far its done about 330k so its a solid effort for a 1998 car haha. I put in a deposit for a car yesterday and I love it to bits, but just sad to be moving on from my corolla.

Time Off Magazine interviewed me for their December issue so that's really cool. It took me ages to conjure up some answers. Interviews are a tough one when you have to sit down and write it knowing its going to get printed for people to read.

I've also been working on trying to shave a semester off my uni degree by transferring my University of Melbourne engineering subjects as electives and then overloading for 2 semesters. I just wanna be done with school. I'm enjoying it but yeah, would be nice to finish quicker seeing as I spent 2 years working, traveling or recording.

My cousin, aunty and uncle from my dad's side are interested in coming to see me play tomorrow, which is really nice... but I haven't seen them since I was probably like 13. I'm happy and flattered but also a little disappointed that it has taken this much with my music for them to care and make an effort. That's just me being begrudging to the Lynch family though. I am happy that they might be coming, that's all that matters.




lalaaaanita said...

You were amazing today and I am so glad I was able to see you perform and officially meet you.

I'm also glad Bailey is back, because toys with tattoos are golden ;) but really, I'm glad. I know that he makes you happy, and you deserve that.

I'll be seeing you soon :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Deena, I keep reading about you bits by bits. All I can say is believe and always try no matter what! This is goes to me too... I can relate to your blog because it make me sane where your passion, dreams, failure drives you to where you are know... I hope you will become big and become what you want! And hope someday I can see you live in my home country Indonesia! -a very deenamic fans :)