Saturday, December 22, 2012

X & Y Bar

This week has been quite busy. Actually this whole month has been quite busy.
On Monday I had my MRI scan, I wasn't worried about it until I got there and they told me I HAD TO GET A CONTRAST INJECTED INTO ME. I THOUGHT THERE WAS NO NEEDLES INVOLVED. Okay so I freaked.

I'm not scared of needles... just it going through my inner arm is what bothered me... and they wouldn't let me take it any other way.

Anyway the machine was actually quite scary too. It was real noisy and loud and shook me about while my head was locked up into this cage thing. Lol a claustrophobic would have nightmares in there.

I've just been fishing a lot in my spare time as well. It keeps me relaxed during these stressful times. I also caught a massive 40cm bream. Bigger than any of the bream the boys have caught! I was so happy. I was catching everything inedible and small up until that breadwinner.

I had rehearsals too for my big day on Wednesday. It was my music video launch at X&Y Bar in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. We had SOOOOO many frustrations and technical difficulties that day but in the end it was a great turn out, a great night and probably my most favourite gig as of yet. I had a lot of fun. Even all the workers and sound guy bought my album. I can't wait to record again, I had such a positive response from my new songs (I played 3 new ones that night) that I can't wait to get back into the studio so I can share it properly with everyone. I love my band too. They are more than I could've asked for!

I also had another gig on Friday night as well. It was hot and sweaty and I played to about 10 people haha. But you still gotta give it your all no matter how different the crowd and vibe is... because I sold 2 albums at that gig and that was unexpected because of such a small crowd.

November/December has been so busy and tiring for me but my tour is nearly over. One show left now. But... then I have one like 5 days later and then a few more after that.. so it doesn't really feel like I get a break like I planned for January haha.

However, I do have a road trip planned for January 1st until I have to go back to school. My uni friends are I are trekking down to Melbourne and then up through Sydney and then back to the Gold Coast. They thought I was crazy that I wanted to go to the countryside on my own for my 21st. I still wanna do that.. lol.

Keeping busy has kept my heart off my mind.


lalaaaanita said...

You looked like you had an amazing gig at X & Y!

I'm super sad I missed it - was supposed to go after work but kind of felt like dying instead :(

Good luck with your road trip :) merry christmas!