Thursday, December 13, 2012


And he's off again.

I came down to Melbourne for one day, slightly excited by the fact that we had made afternoon/dinner plans after my gig.

I didn't hear from him for one week. He didn't answer his calls or reply to my messages. I felt totally devastated at my gig that I was on the verge of crying, but that just meant I threw out an emotional performance and the audience response was good. I just thought maybe he'd swing by, that he was ignoring me to surprise me. All just wishful thinking.

Instead of what I thought were my premeditated Melbourne plans, I went to a lovely gig with fellow artists I played with, Maddison and Nay to go support some other independent bands. I drank Sailor Jerry rum and coke and tried to numb how sad I felt.

Oh well, it was too good to be true. I just wish he
1) had the respect to tell me he needed space or changed his mind about seeing me or whatever it was
2) left me alone if this is what he was going to put me through again
3) I don't have a number 3 but I wonder what happened in his head or what evil scheme he was up to

All I can do is tell myself that this pain is great for my music, and it really has been! The afternoon gig brought on some new fans and a Foxtel TV host said he'd slip me into his newsletter and pass my album onto his radio friend.
Too much flying for my guitar...

Then I flew back up to Brisbane where the flight got delayed in the air for 3 hours. I went fishing with the boys from school to get my mind off things and we caught a stingray, shark and two breams. The rest of the week was spent studying hard for our last exam.

I think we all did pretty well in our exams due to cramming. Glad to have my first semester over!
Straight after my exams I drove home, packed my bags, went to the shops to grab 7 Time Off Magazines with my interview in it, grabbed dinner for mum and I then came home.

My friend came over to buy two tshirts, I ate my dinner, read my article then headed to the airport.

So busy busy! I will get to relax once the 21st is over!
The plane got delayed by 2 hours and then an additional extra hour was spent on the plane. So all up I spent 3 hours wasting time haha. I couldn't even sleep because there was the tallest lankiest boy next to me and I felt bad that he had such little space for his spider body, so I let him creep into my personal bubble a little.

Today I will go Christmas shopping and to the Regina Spektor concert.

Thanks for all the lovely comments. It was good to finally meet one of my Blog buddies, Anita at my gig! 

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