Monday, September 10, 2012


I know I've been neglecting my blog.
Its been a busy week... Mike's cousins came up from Melbourne so we took them around to Surfers Paradise, Wet'n'Wild on one day, Dreamworld on the other...

Then helping Mike go apartment hunting, and then settling into one. Then getting ready for school....

I had my first day at university today. I have a very lame 5 hour break during the day so I went to the gym. CLASSES WERE POINTLESS TODAY.
Lecturers know oh so well how to talk gibberish in circles.. and reiterate common sense bull crap too... so I was very bored very quickly.

Also forgot how girls love fake tan in Queensland. I cannot stand the orange hands and the leprosy-like spread on the skin when its wearing off... UGH. I also don't really enjoy hair extensions that are obvious and ratty.. JUST SAYING.

On another note, I'm on provisional learning this semester and am only allowed 3 subjects instead of the usual 4 subject load. I even requested an interview to reconsider this..

This is how the program advisor phrased it;
"Even though you're physically well now, we never know if you will get sick again throughout the semester and so its for the university's benefit and good."
All I kept thinking was, "Wow they did not assess me individually and all they want is money and reputation," AND "they really didn't phrase that well."
You can't judge what I can handle intellectually by what I've unfortunately suffered physically. Oh well, I'll just go get HD's and smoosh it into their faces. It did make me very upset and I cried for the first time in a long while. I just never thought about it when I was suffering through the sickness that I'd get slowed down at school for it. Unfair. I am over it but I just wanted to write it down.

On another note, the reason why I wrote a blog is because I've got memory that is slowly getting worse and worse. Some of my friends actually want me to go see a doctor for it. Hahaha I just think its funny how little I remember of memories.

I'm very tired today. 1 hour driving to commute each way is a little drainer. I put up photos from my last gig in Melbourne at Mr Wow's Emporium today.. here ya go!