Monday, September 24, 2012


I spent the weekend in the countryside.
I've missed my state, my state is beautiful. If I didn't move about on my weekends here, I'm sure I would be missing Melbourne already.

 I spent the weekend in Kenilworth where I was blessed with local cheese and yoghurt! The moo moo cows were also adorable. I took walks on the Graeme & Julie's property and ran into 2 rabbits, a green snake that I thought was a hose until we both flipped out, and 2 wallabies.

 The view was breathtaking on the hilltop. Saturday morning I went to Eumundi markets, one of the biggest in Queensland and browsed about. Of course, I wasn't interested in too much except the food. I did however buy a kangaroo fur, koala shape postcard… I think it's adorable so I'll be sending that over to my pen pal in America.

 We then headed to Noosa. It was busy, but we scored a lucky park. The weather was drop dead gorgeous. The sea was a temperature of 21 degrees and that was perfect to cool down my heated body! The waves were very wafty, I wanted some more hardcore, hurling ones.

 We had some decently priced, delicious lunch. Ice cream afterwards then headed back to Kenilworth for a couple of movies by the fireplace. The countryside is gorgeous. I would love to retire, ideally, in the countryside by the beachfront. Yeah I've seen that before!

 In the mornings, the birds would dominate the sounds in the skies and in the evenings, the bugs and frogs reverberated from their little lake hub. The stars were bright, the air was cool, the cows would moo… it was perfect!

 I even walked down to the river and I saw 3 turtles baking in the sun. They soon freaked out when I came too close and they all just PLOPPED into the water. Then a Kookaburra flew past to laugh at me.

 I also did some studying and then finished off a song I've been stuck on. Well kinda, gotta figure out an ending but the lyrics are done!
 Our home away from home!