Monday, September 3, 2012


I've been so busy in my last week in Melbourne. I did some filming on Monday for an MV, it'll be a while before I can show that off but I can show you the Behind the Scenes photos!

I've just been catching up with friends and blah blah.
I'm so confused with what I want. I am excited for university though - ready to just go get my degree.

Mike and I drove up from Melbourne > Brisbane 18 hours straight inland. If you go through Sydney it takes way longer. I ended up doing an 8 hour straight shift, I was on such a roll hahaha I still can't believe I did that without any Redbull or coffee. Then I rested.. I think it was the headache that kept me awake and powered on my driving safely. But I couldn't hack it anymore so I slept for 2 hours. I couldn't do another huge shift again, I barely survived the last 2 hours before we got to Brisbane because the sun was so bright in my eyes.

We saw over 100 dead kangaroos. We saw many wallabies, kangaroos and foxes about to cross the road. We even had a very close call with a Golden Retriever lost on the road. I hope that poor thing is okay, I was so sad to see it lost from home but it was too dangerous for me to get out and help the little bugger because truckies were coming in at anytime and it was pitch dark. I saw a truck flip over too in Victoria!

We finally got to Brisbane at 8am. Had Maccas then crashed out. I've been so tired, the next day which was yesterday.. we went to orientation day at university to enrol, admit our documents, sign up to classes and get our Student ID. Afterwards, we went apartment hunting for Mike.


lalaaaanita said...

Where/what are you studying?!?

Ralph L said...

Wow new to blog but anyways you're beautiful!