Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Chicken Wrap

Strap your seat belts, long post coming up! Yes, I know I look like a try-hard ghetto mango chutney up there, and you can barely see my attempted aluminum foil grillz but its all for a purpose.

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The Story:
I wrote a rap, a chicken wrap. Mec did this awesome track for Mr. David Kimchi Tat for Christmas. I heard it in Tat's car and freestyled (mind you, absolutely terribly about ;) mother affairs). I promised I'd write lyrics to it and so about a month later, I finally did it - only due to my delusional state yesterday because I hadn't slept for two days.

The Lyrics:
Introduction We got Mr. David Tat and Freckles chuggin' the chicken wrap for him ow!

Verse 1 No hesitation, just sanitation cause this boys got the smelly sensation.
Did I mention that he's asian? Yeah, fresh from the Canton Nation.
You be hearing him say I ceebs doing this, I ceebs doing that cause my name is Twat *cough* I apologise - I be meaning Tat.
Pay to play, with no lag with his WoW boy fag where be askin' in human form, "Sup noobs! Where is Northshire Abbey?"
But its cute cause our boy is always happy.
/Uninstall and find a new game, before I windfury your ass and put you to shame
Cause we all know that you got hacked while you were chowing down that Big Mac, PWNAGE!

Chorus Cause we be rollin' it together, wherever. Even though I may be rippin' you, I'm loving you!

Verse 2 Uh, so here comes Chapter 2, where epic fail David wearing blue van shoes, decided to go all Chris Brown and strike a domestic violent rebound.
LADIES! This a true narration, when he was packing back to masturbation, the noob cracked his iPhone creation, it was out of his chigga temptation.
*phone call* Waddup! Sorry did I give you a heartache? Yes I slept with Buble's fiancee. I bet that one hurt but you all gotta know she's easy as dirt. Ouchies!
One thing that grills are your sweet art skills, I gotta admit that those lines could green kill and gives the eyes the speedin' thrill that we all pine for, CHYEAH~

End Have you seen her? The names Deena. Y'all better remember it, see ya!

The Explanation:
Freckles is the nickname he gives to me because of the repetitive pigments on my skin, argh!
He's a smelly Cantonese.
Ceebs is a word he always says (stupid Melbourne term) which means cbf (can't be fucked).
Tat is his last name, Twat is his real name (I'm joking, don't kill mee)
He plays WoW (World of Warcraft) and Northshire Abbey is the beginner's area.
Windfury is a 1HP basic attack
His life ended when he got hacked, LOL
One night when he was intoxicated and asleep, he rolled over his iPhone and cracked it. I will never let him live it down.
He's in love with Michael Buble's fiancee.
He's a mad artist.
My name is Deena.


kimch said...

dude you look like asian lil wayne up there. props to you, it was a good reMECS ! hahaha