Sunday, January 31, 2010

Le Ambiguous Wrap

For me, summer holidays don't iconize Coronas, the coast, fake tans or barbecues - for me, it's the shocking sleeping patterns. *glances at Wubsley*
Although at times, I wake and regret wasting the day but I'm in love with the night more. With my delusional state from the lack of forty winks, I end up doing more interesting activities anyway.

Today, I had band rehearsal. After years, we actually got some footage and recording in, it was fun. The majority of us were tired (Phil passing out on the floor).

Here's the original 3 (Kevin the Bassist was absent that day)

And here's today (with the beautiful addition of Phil the drummer, and Josh moving to bass now)

I'm still furious and delirious, so here's my song, Stolen for --> download
Chorus When your love gets stolen away from you
You wander how you were meant to do
All the little things that makes you happy
You call to hear unavailable
Then you learn that shit is unknowable
That he is unpredictable

Rap In the club, dancing hard just waiting on the fun to pass by, don't ask why, I can't think of a lie to tell you but I'm really confused because you and I - we were just brand new. Yet you had guts to batter your eyes and drag me through hell while I loved through your lies. 30 days and 31 nights and it really came down to the blinding Magic City (club name) strobe lights. Maybe you remember it better as you are still alive, somewhere, with someone I don't even know. You were by my locked side, pocket size while we blew our time at Babyface (Asian club event name) asian tide. It happened in a split second I felt you leave me all alone, I turned around to find you missing gone. Super Saiyan I screamed, "Who took my fucking n97 mini Nokia phone?"
But the only replies I got was Ke$ha churning, "Tik tok on the clock the party don't stop, no." So I guess it's time to say goodbye and do it without expecting a damn reply but I'm really learning you were just a tease, but honey there's plenty more fish in the sea. I'll just whip out my silver debit card and buy out a girl double as hard.

3 cheers for my beat boxing attempt? LOL
Ciao baby giraffes~