Saturday, September 29, 2012


I've been so busy during my weekdays that I'm a pathetic updater. Nothing exciting goes on during my school days anyway. I signed up to a gym this week because it was piss cheap at 300 bucks for 12 months.

I also, surprisingly, have a lot of work to do even after it only being Week 3. Its the non-business core subjects that eat up my time. But some of them are interesting anyway.

I caught up with one of my close friends back in high school. He was up from Sydney. He's a seaman now so time spent with him is a little rare. We had a good catch up but, he's one of the very few people I trust and so we had many laughs about what we've been up to over the years.

I also went to some creative arts event with my best friend Deshna and her boyfriend. There I met a great band called Pink Fur & the Black Coats, and we got talking about music. They invited us out to another gig of theirs up at West End a few days later... and seeing as we all got sucked into how good they were, we actually went after Riverfire. This week was fun full of many different events.

Mum and I also took Michael to Mt Tamborine. It wasn't too exciting but the glow worms were cool. I went over 10 years ago and all I saw was a few dots glowing, but since they've been rehabilitating their colony... the cave was FULL of dots like stars in the sky. They said they started with 300 and now have about 4000. That's pretty good!

Bailey and I haven't talked for a week. I'll be honest and say I'm super sad about it but I've been trying not to think about it. It somehow feels much more painful, maybe because I know this time might be serious. I just miss my best friend.

On another note, I booked flights for my mum to go to Taiwan in 3 days. My grandma fell and something poked through her chest so she's super weak. My grandpa is a little useless so my mum is going back to care for her. I hope she's okay. She'll be away for 3 weeks so it'll just be me and Simba in this big cold house.

Btw, I got Instagram.. so a lot of these photos are cheating but hahaha you can find me at @deenamusic on there!! I don't even have a smartphone, I'm using my mum's. LOL

Monday, September 24, 2012


I spent the weekend in the countryside.
I've missed my state, my state is beautiful. If I didn't move about on my weekends here, I'm sure I would be missing Melbourne already.

 I spent the weekend in Kenilworth where I was blessed with local cheese and yoghurt! The moo moo cows were also adorable. I took walks on the Graeme & Julie's property and ran into 2 rabbits, a green snake that I thought was a hose until we both flipped out, and 2 wallabies.

 The view was breathtaking on the hilltop. Saturday morning I went to Eumundi markets, one of the biggest in Queensland and browsed about. Of course, I wasn't interested in too much except the food. I did however buy a kangaroo fur, koala shape postcard… I think it's adorable so I'll be sending that over to my pen pal in America.

 We then headed to Noosa. It was busy, but we scored a lucky park. The weather was drop dead gorgeous. The sea was a temperature of 21 degrees and that was perfect to cool down my heated body! The waves were very wafty, I wanted some more hardcore, hurling ones.

 We had some decently priced, delicious lunch. Ice cream afterwards then headed back to Kenilworth for a couple of movies by the fireplace. The countryside is gorgeous. I would love to retire, ideally, in the countryside by the beachfront. Yeah I've seen that before!

 In the mornings, the birds would dominate the sounds in the skies and in the evenings, the bugs and frogs reverberated from their little lake hub. The stars were bright, the air was cool, the cows would moo… it was perfect!

 I even walked down to the river and I saw 3 turtles baking in the sun. They soon freaked out when I came too close and they all just PLOPPED into the water. Then a Kookaburra flew past to laugh at me.

 I also did some studying and then finished off a song I've been stuck on. Well kinda, gotta figure out an ending but the lyrics are done!
 Our home away from home!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach is one of my favourite places in the world.
So I thought it would suit as my gift to Michael for his birthday. Michael, Peter and I left early on Saturday morning to make the trek towards Rainbow Beach. Its about a 3 hour drive from Brisbane. I did the whole drive because after driving up from Melbourne, it felt like nothing.

Rainbow Beach is named after its beautiful coloured sands that cake the beaches and cliffs. From black, red, orange, yellow, white, beige, green.. it has it all. It is so beautiful. We went up to Carlo Sand Blow which is a 15 hectare area of sand dunes. Each step you took looked like a McFlurry as the colours swirled together. I was so happy.

Unfortunately we couldn't go paragliding due to the high wind conditions. Even sunbathing on the beach was unpleasant as sand entered every cavity every moment haha. After cave hunting and sand climbing, we retreated and went to the lifesaver area to cop less wind. It still ended up being pretty windy and the sand was annoying so we left. We had lunch.

Afterwards, we headed to Tin Can Bay which had nothing. I totally don't remember it having nothing. It is a fisherman's haven and it'd be a great place if you owned a boat or even a dinghy. The current in the inlet was just beautiful and calm for even the pettiest of boats.

We booked a trailer so that was a fun bogan experience for Michael. Welcome to Queensland, Mikey! We started our drink on and then headed to a cafe for dinner. Holy moly, we so did not expect this restaurant (out of 2 in the whole town) to be so good! The oysters were so fresh, the scallops were delicious sprinkled with flavours similar to potato gratin and my main dish lamb rump with mint yoghurt and salad with feta was gorgeous! We were amazed at how much value we got out of our dollars. If we paid the same amount in Brisbane, we would so not walk out with as much content in our bellies.

The next day we woke up early to catch the wild dolphins coming into the marina to say hello and get a morning feed. It was very cool to see wild dolphins as they are not the picturesque smooth perfection that we are usually used to. These dolphins had war scars from other dolphins and even huge shark bites. They were scratched up and rugged.

After breakfast, it was time to head back down to Brisbane. I drove to Ginger Factory for our stop over where we relished in fresh ginger beer and I bought honey from Superbee Honeyworld for my mum and I to indulge back at home (we love the iron bark flavour).

Our next stop was at Underwater World in Mooloolaba. It was much more busier than Cooloola Shire (Fraser Island, Rainbow Beach, Tin Can Bay). They were renovating so we were kind of disappointed. Though it was very cool to see otters trained to do little party tricks for the audience. I didn't even think you could train them! They're so cute!

Can you see two?

Afterwards, we thought why not enjoy the less windy conditions! We went for a swim at the beach and the two boys decided to perve on the many pretty girls that lingered about. Haha! We had lunch and headed on home. It was a great weekend, I was very happy to visit my favourite childhood places.

Now its time to knuckle down and start this essay we got given in week 1 to finish by Tuesday! Wow!