Friday, August 24, 2012

Acoustic Cafe

I played at another place last night. It was the cutest smallest bar/cafe. I also got to hear some other amazing artists and picked up a trick or two from watching them. This old guy had a beautiful vintage Hohner that I was frothing over.

It was the first set that I've ever played all on my own.
I've been having gastro for the last 3 weeks so it does not feel good. I think its nearly over.
One week left in Melbourne.

Here are some photos from last night, and some more from last week's show.

Support acts Christina & Chris


lalaaaanita said...

You're so prettttttty!

A week left in Melbourne? Are you coming up to Brisbane again? What's the plan for here? Please tell me you're doing a show here!

Hope all is well, as usual :)