Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bar 20

I had a pleasant surprise this weekend, Wubs and I were shopping along Chapel St and bought an item from Street Machine. We turned around to exit and I saw Steve and Yuvi who came all the way to see me from Brisbane.

I was ecstatic! So this weekend was pretty epic -
Yuvi began drinking at my apartment then we went to Eve Club, and I got pretty trolleyed. I couldn't even see the dancefloor! These guys were staring me off the entire night but I rejected them, and my Yuvi decided to just dance like a hoon around everyone but they took it as a personal offense because when we left, we got started. Security broke us up - but seriously they were the most weakest but dickheadish faggots. I was so angry!

But we cooled down by doubling our money at Crown Casino, yeah!

Pretty much - we were so lazy the entire day that all the bars were closed so.. three boys and I went to a strip joint just to see my reaction. Yuvi made me drink so much, while Steve and Wubs were totally sober - and I met this sleazy guy who shouted me 3 dances and I can't believe I sat through them. My closest intimacy I've ever and forever will have to [dirty dirty] females. Ughhh makes me feel sick that I had lap dances.

Finished the night off at Crown Casino again - but broke even! The dealer was a ruthless bitch, but we all love to see a strong attitude woman once in a while!

Wubs and I dropped our friends off to the airport and now I'm checking my timetable for University tomorrow. First day! Wish me luck!