Monday, February 15, 2010

Pretty Green

Had hardcore band all day today, and my guitarist - the ever so seafood delight, Quinton - wrote and sang for me a song.

I loved it to nano bits, hope he doesn't mind I posted the lyrics.

Pretty Green
We met on a Sunday afternoon
In a place where Lincoln stayed
In the living room, and that's where things started to shape~
There's a drum and some strings to play,
Though we were much younger but things didn't change,
You still lie on the couch as always
Your face was as glamorous as the song you sang~
You said you were under Pressure all day
We Depend On You as always

Oh pretty green, that's what you seem to me

The day we ran down Allan's way
You took Salem home unnamed
There were mentos and coke, but it failed as a game
Rhyley was a baby boy back in the day
When I sang Baby Star the first time you were there,
All your lovely words have made me stay
and Pressure was great, but First Love was the ace
Although Farewell is the best thing we've made

Oh pretty green, that's what you seem to me~

It's been 4 years since I've met you girl
Don't take me the wrong way but I must say I love you
Your voice and your face and your style are all great
But its your heart that puts you top of the game
Sunset or sunrise, keep in mind what Panda said -
I'll miss you much but this is not in the end
Brand new chapter in our Paperback began

Oh pretty green, that's what you seem to me

All songs we've written/covered are in italics - clever boy!
I love it sho muchious <3


lyssa said...

ahh, thank you!
i saw your videos on youtube and i think you are so so pretty & have a great voice. i'm also super jealous of your accent haha :]

lyssa said...

haha, i'm from southern california! so no special here :[
and yesss, i play guitar and sing also :]

lyssa said...

yeesss, i do. just covers on my youtube. i don't really like putting my originals up, but there is one on my myspace,

gosh, forever! i've been playing music since i was 7, but i just got into singing like a year ago, and i started playing guitar last summer :]