Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sleeping Soda

I still have so much to pack! All the little things now though, waa waa!
I had my farewell tonight! The heartless one still did not shed a tear. People have placed bets that I will either
a) cry at the airport
b) cry on the plane
c) cry when my mum leaves me
d) cry when i'm alone in my apartment

I finally dropped my balls and performed for the closest people in my life, to debut my Farewell song I wrote for my dear Deshna. I'll post it up sometime soon.

On that note, after 4 years our band has a title. After strenuous thoughts and uber concentration, Sleeping Soda came to us so effortlessly..
It's adorable and describes us perfectly.



chocoloby said...

I think it's not because you are the heartless girl, it's because leaving brisbane is such a happy decision it doesn't deserve tears~

evenNue said...

Leaving home is always a big change and hopefully positive! I've been out of home since i graduated secondary school. almost 4 years on my own now (technically parents support me with money) ^_^
Well congrats for your first day of Uni!