Monday, February 22, 2010


Living independently installs a certain thrifty attitude to life - especially with no experience I eat simple, shop simple and breathe life simple, alone.

And I love it.

I've had a terrible lack of sleep and am absolutely exhausted from preparing my humble abode. I thought I should just take that one step further and I purchased a baby.

Say hello to Sir Felix D. Wolfgang,

I had orientation for University today, I was late even though I live across the street and I was so shy. Eventually I made a few good buddies though. I'm studying Chinese as my breadth subject along with my Engineering course.

The one thing that withdraws me back to my hometown are my lovers and the weather.
p.s I don't have internet yet
p.p.s Sorry to all the betters of me crying, I haven't blinked one tear yet (apart from when I got an eyelash in my eye)


wubs said...

living alone in your abode? LOL i just laughed.... lack of sleep i wonder why.. i laughed again... eat simple... i laughed again.. alone... i laughed again

chocoloby said...

living across the street + late = rest of your uni life~trust me, the closer u live, the less u go