Wednesday, February 3, 2010


My day began without me realising; mum storms in,

I'm like - oh shit. Then looked at the time and it was 6.30a.m. and I'm thinking,
why am I sleeping on my sheep and head on my laptop. I zonked out online.

I went to snuggle back in to sleep some more; my sister storms in,

I was like oh man, at 7a.m.!? But anyway, I chilled and grilled with the two cops for about an hour.
It felt like the movies, I had to give my details and then complete two faces from a comfit on what I thought the two culprits' appearances were like. I told them that the comfit book is real old, like the first 3 pages of hairstyles was mullets! Who even has that anymore!

I kept the following thought to myself though, why was there like 2 pages of caucasian eyes and then 3 pages of asian, and 4 pages of indigenous. Anyway, the pigs are going to come back with the fully furnished face versions, I bet I'm going to laugh and be like, they look like Shrek and Fiona.

Afterwards, I painted - looks like shit freshly laid from a dog. Then I did my 40 minutes cardio.
I ordered Pizza delivery for the first time in my life, and boy would I do it more if I knew the delivery boys were cute! Reow! Even more embarrassing I gave $26.90 in coins.

I ate the whole box of meatlovers and drank the big bottle of coke already. Excercise is taking it out on me, I've already fell asleep twice!