Thursday, February 16, 2012

36 Roses

Ahhh Valentine's Day. I don't celebrate it, never have.
Bailey decided to still be cheeky even though he knows I hate it. He got me two bags of chocolates, a whiteboard to do all my crazy planning with all these colourful markers, two punnets of fresh strawberries with Hershey chocolate that we can melt to do fondue!
AND FINALLY, a vomit bag so I can let out all my disgust in his sweetness hahaha.
I sent that to Bailey

I made a card for Sandi

I then got a delivery call and I went outside and couldn't see anything. Eventually, I saw a huge bouquet of roses. The dude put it next to the garden so it blended in the foreground in my eyes hahaha. This bouquet was huge, 3 dozens worth. And it was from Phillip.

Mind you, the gesture set off a few boys' anger that day. The dramas of a single girl haha!

My grandparents are visiting right now! Hahaha look at the three Australians!

For dinner, Tony, Bailey, Annie and I went to all you can eat Hot Pot! It was no where near as good as back home but it was still yummy. We were the last ones to leave.

Ugli tomatoes?

The next day, Sandi bought me Indian curry powder and coconut cream because she saw I made Thai curry once and wanted me to attempt an Indian one. So I gave a vegetarian version a shot (to accommodate Bailey's diet). It tasted so awesome!!!!!!

Photo of Simba from Bailey's phone

Afterwards, Bailey and I made some banana fritters and Tony made some churros. Yum!
We've been going hard at work with the music stuff. It is so draining! We're now laying down the skeleton for five songs but they're no where near finished!