Thursday, February 2, 2012

Gypsy Den

How you doing Simba!

Giana picked me up and we went to the Artist's Village in Santa Ana.
Now from what everyone has told me, Santa Ana is apparently pretty ghetto. I heard it is also the highest concentration of Mexicans in America - like Westminster has the highest concentration of Vietnamese in America.

It's interesting how people create little cultural niches. I think the new house back at home is a member of the Brisbane Chinese Community now. Hahaha.

We settled at a cafe called Gypsy Den. I really like it. We found a cozy spot tucked in the corner. I've got a bookcase to my right and a window to my left. And my butt in a luxurious emerald green sofa.

I had a grilled chicken sandwich (it was more like a burger) with sweet potato fries and curry yoghurt dip. I love that America has free refills. I'm onto my 4th coke.

Tony and I have been starting our pre-production for one of my songs. You never realise until you stick your nose into it that the whole process of recording and everything attached with it is a pain in the asshole. Even the littlest tid bit sound that I make with my finger on the fretboard is a no no.

This isn't even a serious recording - its the skeleton, the trial and error. Its coming along really well though. What's even greater is that Tony and I have similar ideas and it scares us!!

I thought I'd start to delve into what I'm doing. No shame, no fear. Basically, I'm recording an album, independently. My head isn't stuck high up in the clouds.... well it might be but my feet are still firmly planted in the ground.

Ever since King left this world, my head got even more mumble jumbled. King was passionate. Art and poetry was where he spun the bitter and sweet into creative beauty. Life is fragile and so while I can, I want to preserve a bit of me into this world.

And so this is what I'm recording for. It's one of those bucket list things. And while I'm here, on the side I'm doing a few performances and what not. I'm chucking myself into deep water to gain experience and lessons. I mean, I'm lost with university choices anyway so why not spend the time doing something and wasting my savings too.
First two artworks by me that hasn't yet been destroyed by my family.. it looks great in the reflection!! Last time I came home, I saw one of my artworks spray painted black and used as a garden separator... So that's another reason I'm doing this too, artworks may age, falter and be defaced but music is a lot more immortal.

The album will probably go no where and be chucked under the shorter leg of a table to stop it from rocking or something similar but at least I know that I've tried and made my mark. We'll see how it goes!
Before I left for the States, I started building my wall of shit. I did everything on that wall except for the two immaculate Cambodian paintings, the cigar box uke that Otter made and the drawing of me that Phillip did both for my 18th!


lalaaaanita said...

I'm glad you're following your dreams. I know that this year, Engineering is what I'm doing. But as for next year ... I'm hoping I'll be brave enough to choose something I want to do, not something other people want me to do.

My summer is going great :) I'm 18 in three months, and I have my driving test booked for next week! I'm so excited. I also went to the beach with Ryan yesterday and am now really badly sunburnt! YAY, go me :)

When do you get back from the states? :)

PS: I'm actually expecting a link to a place that I can get your album when it's done. If I don't get it, I'll be very upset.

PPS: You're not a failure. ALWAYS LOOK UP. I hope you're well.

lalaaaanita said...

Arg, whipped! This is not a word I'd use to describe myself.

Did you tell your mum that you're staying for longer? How'd she take it? I guess there isn't much she can do to you since you're so far away.

How is everything with Bailey going? Is he still in the states? My test for my license is tomorrow - getting nervous!

Hope you've been well :)