Friday, February 17, 2012


Tony and Kevin had a video shoot today in a warehouse at Pomona so I decided to tag along. Kevin's manager's assistant Joannie was there with all these food goodies so I sat with her and we just chatted.

She was such a cutie pie. I was glad she was there so I didn't have to be so bored. I watched the film crew do some intriguing stuff with lighting and dollying. I've only really seen it in terminology back in high school English so it was good to see it in action.
They have branding for Kentucky GRILLED chicken here too hahahah!

Towards the end of the shooting, more people came along that was interning with Kevin's management company. The owner of the warehouse came by to chat to me and we got into the topic of what business he was running. It was screen printing shirts! That was pretty interesting. He ran me through the processes and showed me the dark rooms, equipments, even the recycling and graveyard of the screens. I knew the basics of screen printing back in art at high school and that's what I thought they did still. I don't know why. I thought they still manually did each shirt hahaha. I'm glad we've progressed further in technology because otherwise that is a hectic load of work (and still is even with machinery)!

I came home and binged on strawberry pocky (that is my favourite flavour). And knuckled down to do some more work. I revamped an entire song I wrote for Desh. I had a lot of personal jokes/informality in the lyrics so I chopped and changed it up. We'll see if the song is good enough, I think I need to rearrange some bits too. The song was pretty long and anti-climatic. Its just one of my few ukulele songs so I'm holding on hope for it haha.

I'm a little sleepy today though. I need to get my sleeping pattern back to normal.

Okay, I'm in a chit chat blog mode so let's usurp my thoughts and blurt it out here. I'm scared. I changed my flights today because this whole recording thing is taking a lot of time. I know I've mentioned that already but this means I have to
a) tell my mum that I am a disappointment by spending more time over in America
b) defer university for another semester
c) gain more confidence in my passion
d) do more hard work

I'm worried that even with the extra time I might fly home with empty hands.

Otherwise, I could just go home in March and waste the 3 months here trying to do something and having never finished it. Or bear with the embarrassment and harassment from family friends and other judging onlookers for another 3 months and come out with something..

Another mental vomit.. what do you do when someone tells you the 3 words? And it totally came out from someone that you didn't expect to hear it from? I had an argument with him because I was determined to believe that he didn't mean it and he shouldn't say things that he will regret. I still think he's making it all up in his head but he said this,
"You seem to want to tell me how I should feel. Trust me, I've also been resistant to the idea. But I'm here telling you personally how it really is. If I have anything to regret, it is telling you knowing you wouldn't take it so easily. But I do mean it and I don't expect you to do anything with it. But please don't tell me how or what I should be feeling. I'm in control of my own heart and as crazy as it sounds. While knowing there is many reasons I shouldn't - I am in love with you."

P.s it is no one I've mentioned of recent in my blog so don't go play guessing games!