Friday, February 24, 2012


Nothing too exciting happens when you get struck with tonsillitis, fever, a vomit bug and a flu. I was konked out for 4 days - everyday I was just sitting in the same couch watching TV for 12 hours then sleep then repeat!!
I've been writing...

I've been sleeping..

I've been planning..

Sandi gave me a Kangaroo..

I've been relaxing.. with the dogs!

I've been cuddling..

Tony took me to this fabulous restaurant that is based on the iPad gimmick! It makes ordering easy. You can even make your own with the ingredients they have by just picking and dropping it onto the iPad. Pretty cool!

Tony and I were so full so we took a stroll at the shopping mall close by.

Old soul

Foolin' around at the Apple store. The workers were laughing in the background!