Saturday, February 11, 2012

Newport Beach

Tony and I went to the cinemas. I don't know what they call it here but at home we call it Gold Class - you know, with the leather seats and waitresses. But their chairs don't recline.

Our local Mexican grocer changes up the drink cartons into pictures.. this week its Star Wars hahaha!

He had free movie passes and the only decent film at the Gold Class theatres was The Descendants with George Clooney. It was a good story but dragged out way too long. We we're the only people in the theatres too so we took a few token photos hahaha.

The next day, Hai picked me up and we went and ate at a Korean 24 hour diner called BCD. They have really good tofu soup there. After that, Hai randomly sold some textbooks off Craigslist so we picked those up and waited at a Yoghurt joint.

I thought I'd get some yoghurt anyway while we waited for the dude to buy the textbooks off him. What I didn't realise was that the yoghurt is paid for by weight. I was wondering why they only had big cups.. I just assumed it went by cup size. So I kind of went nuts filling it up and at the counter I realised that its going to be paid for by weight. OOPS.

Hai and I ended up finishing it though. Coconut, lychee and green tea was my favourite! Hai gave me a belated birthday present, it was very sweet of him! I couldn't stop laughing at the wrapping paper. I came home to open it up and it was a 2010/2011 Vegas Player Magazine with Celine Dion at the front and a few page spread about her come back. I couldn't stop laughing. He told me that he didn't realise that I had actually gone to see her but I really appreciated the thought!

The next day, Sandi dropped me off to Bailey's house and we took a bus to Newport Beach. The weather was so great in the middle of winter - it was 28 degrees Celsius! It was so great that I'm thinking about gathering people and renting a beach house for a few days once the Winter days blows over. Beach makes me feel calm.

I'm even considering taking my next level diving license because its way cheaper in America! I'll think about it when it gets less cold!


lalaaaanita said...

I'm just trying to work everything out right now. Things are just easier now if I stay home for a while - I have my license (but no car) and Ryan lives about 3km away so it's just more convenient to stay here. I start uni in a few weeks though, so hopefully I'll be able to sort everything out with work/studying and then consider moving out.

TELL ME HOW IT GOES WITH YOUR MUM! She can't do anything to you - you seem to have a good relationship with your mum. She's still going to love you, at least you're doing something along with holidaying.

I'm glad Bailey and yourself are good! Cooking sounds adorable. Thankfully R and I have decided that neither of us can cook and shouldn't attempt otherwise. We've been really good - he took the day off work yesterday (he's been working six days a week for a month now) to spend Valentine's Day together. We went to the quarry in Calamvale and just spent a lot of time together. Everything is going well!

Keep me updated :)