Thursday, March 1, 2012

24 Hour Disney Leap Day!

On a whim, Tony, Bailey and I decided to go to Disneyland. They were holding a leap year 24 hour special where they were open from 6am to 6am the next day.

When I saw the ad on TV I was thinking, "Oh man that would be so cool! It's only every 4 years!!" I guess we were all thinking the same thing. I was excited!

Tony had a past student sign us all in for free! I am so glad because park admission is now a crazy $80 (or $105 for access to both parks). Even though the park was open for longer, you pretty much had to wait in lines longer too.

The park reached a capacity of 85,000 and they had to close entry for a few hours at night time. I guess a lot of after work people flocked to enjoy Disneyland too. It was super crowded though.

We explored California Adventure Park first. Then had dinner, Can from Poreotics joined us too. Can, Tony and I shared a bottle of wine. Wine in America is crazy expensive. I guess we always took the plentiful Australian vineyards for granted.

We patiently waited for some rides but for the crazy big attractions like Space Mountain or Indiana Jones - luck was on our side. They closed Indiana Jones for a few hours and weren't announcing when they'd open. A few minutes after we got told that, they decided to open the lines. We were about to leave for Pirates of the Carribean but we ran back and pushed through the mosh. We only had to wait 5 minutes as opposed to 2 hours and that 5 minutes was spent just walking through the lines. We were so glad.

People recognised Can so he strutted his stuff at the Tomorrow Terrace where DJ's were playing. They eventually just called him Jeremy Lin.. LOL

We went on other rides like Haunted Mansion. Tony used to work at Disneyland for 5 years so he knew all the elevator opening spots so we could squirm our way past the line. Hahaha!

The best I could ever get... I got the 'Dee' one because I never find 'Deena' let alone half my name 'Dee' hahaha!

I had so much fun. I didn't get to do much shopping though. I bought Deshna a plushie and myself a keychain. That was it haha!

Tony indulged us into his dirty mind... The innocent Walt and Mickey

Then the perverted view... look closely

Thanks Tones

Our last ride was Space Mountain. That had a crazy ass line. The waiting time estimate was at 140 minutes. By then it was 4am. We patiently waited. Tony even ran back downstairs to get us warm pretzels. It was freezing cold too. We got onto the ride. We were lucky enough to get a row each!!

When we went to check out the photos though, ours didn't come up. It got blocked by the server because the cameras couldn't detect Tony's face (he covered it for the photo LOL). I used my foreign accent and played the "aw I really wanted to buy a photo" card and the cute girl gave us express passes to jump the queue to quickly go on the ride once again.
You can only see tiny Bailey & Tony misbehaving from the other people's photo

Good morning at 6:00am!

We were so happy. The wait was so worth two goes. The park was going to close in 6 minutes and there were people still waiting to go on. BWAHAHHAHAA! We even got a row each again. In the end the photo showed Bailey's scared face and Tony blocking mine. You can just catch my rabbit face though. Hahaha!

We got home at 7am. Sandi was going off to work. We were all so pooped.


lalaaaanita said...


I'm also glad you're having an awesome time. You should know that you and Bailey are adorable together.

How'd things go with telling your mum about staying for longer? I miss your frequent updates :(

lalaaaanita said...

YOU ONLY JUST TOLD YOUR MUM?!? Damn you're lucky she took it well. Maybe she figured it'd be better that you're doing something with your time, rather than nothing. Brisbane isn't too bad - it's pouring rain at the moment, and it's 8am and I'm at university and I hate everything, but it's enjoyable. You kind of just run out of things to do though.

I have been pretty ... well, it's been bipolar. Had some issues with the boy, had a 'break' and now we're back to being all cute and stuff. I started uni last week - environmental engineering at Griffith. I dunno, I'm actually enjoying it, so hopefully it'll be something I'm good at all that. No idea if it's what I want to do with my life though.

How has everything been with you otherwise? What have you been doing in the states? How's things with Bailey? How long is he planning on staying in the states?! SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Also, any hints on how to juggle a job with an engineering degree? You seemed to manage well, and I'm running out of moneyz :(


lalaaaanita said...
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