Saturday, March 10, 2012

Long Beach

I've just been writing songs and getting my chops up this week. Next week we start working hard. We're going to finally get nitty gritty into pre-production to develop the sounds for my songs. Its so much hard work. My mind is so tired!

Bailey and I also helped with Poreotics and friends film their dance video. It was on a high school rooftop. Afterwards we went to Melting Pot with Cat & David (it was a cheese & chocolate fondue joint).

2am Denny's cookie on a skillet

Yesterday, Annie picked me up and we went to the Aquarium in Long Beach. That area is pretty cool. A combination of harbour, beach and city spiced with a variety of cultures. The aquarium was pretty cool. I saw a shark with about 5 rows of teeth just swim towards my window slowly. Not pretty. VERY scary.
I made them watch me shower LOLOL

Other day was a girly day with face masks!

This aquarium even allowed us to pat stingrays, crustaceans, sharks, starfishes and jellyfishes. PRETTY COOL. I just feel sorry for the animals. Its a great experience but I'm sure kids won't follow the "only use 2 fingers rule" and their stings or rays get clipped.

There was even a random Australian lorikeet aviary at the aquarium. But we see those buggers everywhere back at home shitting on our car windows. HAHAHA!

The seals were adorable but the sharks so up close and personal were cool. I even saw stone fishes getting fed. Damn, they are quick.


I love taking photos of jellyfish

Looks like fartfish

After the aquarium we walked through downtown Long Beach and had a late lunch at Beechwood BBQ Brewery. We met Annie's friend Raphael there and we all enjoyed some smoked meat sandwiches. They were pretty good! Potato rolls are weird though. I don't understand the potato + bread mix combo. It just makes it extra dense to chow through. Only in America I guess!

Stud Puffin


Then I napped. And cooked an Irish stew for meself! Hahaha

Pixar presents, the cast & crew of Finding Nemo

Today, Hai picked me up for a brunch catch up. Then we waddled with ducks and I came home and gave the dogs a brush and vacuumed the house. I feel good~ lalala