Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pin Pals

So Giana decided to take Tony, Bailey and I for lunch. We went to a joint in Santa Ana called 'Geisha House.'
Obviously it was a Japanese joint but it was pretty okay. I mean its way better than other places and the fish was super fresh. We got served by a waiter who put in his 2 weeks that day so he was telling us what not to definitely get and what to get. He would say stuff like, "that's not worth your money" and we would crack up so much!

I don't know why but he just poured himself out to all 4 of us and told us a lot about himself. Even how he appeared as a contestant on that Wipeout game show. He came in Top 3. We all watched it when we went home and couldn't stop laughing at his misfortunes.
The iPad said I was ordering too much icecream! I JUST WANTED 3 SCOOPS!

I had a nap because I was so tired from Disneyland and the topsy turvy schedule that event inflicted. Then Mike came to take us all out to Stacked (that American place I went to last time where you order off the iPad)!

Yesterday Annie came to pick Tony and I up, then Bailey from his place so we could go to this outdoor shopping place. We shopped a bit. I got a singlet for $4 and some earrings. We went to Wood Ranch for some good steak. I miss steak.

I swear he is borderline female

We put the mannequin's wig on... Obviously Bailey looks pretty as a girl. The rest of us are a little awkward. We got in trouble and got kicked out of H&M OOPS HAHA

We got our Friday nights on with 3 hours of bowling and beers. Annie and I teamed up and beat the boys so we scored ourselves a free lunch for next time. A successful night for the girls!

Today we met up with Can from Poreotics and his mate Tim for some ramen. It was a new place in Fullerton called 'What's Up Men!'
Terrible name huh? But it's a play on the word men which means noodles in Japanese but the other guys didn't get it. I didn't either until I saw the kanji instead of the word men on the restaurant sign. HAHAHA!

I finally got to satisfy myself with some legit green tea ice cream. A lot of restaurants tend to have this radioactive fake green tea ice cream that tastes like artifical fermented poop.

Bailey and I got free rice mask samples from the Korean Skin Foods shop so we gave that a go. It was actually amazing! Tony didn't want to do a girly day, but we're all now deep frying some chicken & waffles and potato chips. I can't wait to gobble it all down!!


lalaaaanita said...

Don't tell him this, but Bailey makes a pretty hot girl.

It's been raining like mad on the east coast here! Thankfully we're not at risk, but I know a lot of places like Gympie and Wagga Wagga have it pretty bad. It hasn't rained in two days though :)

I hope you're feeling better + no longer being lazy. I just listened to your Baby Love cover and it made me very, very happy. A good finish to a good day :)

I am loving life at the moment :) Why does America look so much more exciting than Australia though?!

lalaaaanita said...

Bailey is silly - of course something like that is going to get more than 40 likes!

Business! That really is a major change. I did business from year 8-10, and I loved it. It's easy but challenging at the same time, and it is fun. I do regret not having gone further with it. Are you thinking you'll do it in Brisbane or Melbourne?

How is the CD going?! I feel like I should post a new blog :P