Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mind Drain

I don't have many exciting things to tell you.
I just go see other people's gigs, eat and work everyday, drain my mind out. Did I say that I finished writing my 12th song so its now time to hit the studio and work my mind even more?
Last night we started on the first song, we ended up just laying down the piano and recording the rain. But it takes hours just doing what seems like nothing.

This is going to be a loooooong road ahead!

"I am so mad at the world!"

I love green tea - these mints are also awesome!

The express lane at a grocer was called Lynch Pass.. hahaha

My first real turkey breast

Sandi my American mum came up to me and was like, LOOK I GOT TATTOOS!! Hahahaha it looked believable for a second!

Got crunk on strawberry beer at a Santa Ana underground bar

This dude played a banjo later on. My new mission: get a banjo

Irish soda bread for St Patrick's Day!