Sunday, March 18, 2012

Webcast #1

If you feel like being serenaded with live music in your own home, you can tune in next weekend and catch my webcast performance!

My next real gig is all the way into next month (and that's only my 3rd gig in life). I really need to get my chops up and learn how to perform under shyness so I thought I'd do this to get my heart racing again.

Here's the info!

For y'all to use as time references around the world!
25th of March
Melbourne, Australia - 5pm
Brisbane, Australia - 4pm
Tokyo, Japan - 3pm
Manila, Philippines - 2pm
Bangkok, Thailand - 1pm
London, England - 7am
Berlin, Germany - 8am

24th of March
Los Angeles, America - 11pm

My Facebook page is here
Direct link to webcast is here