Tuesday, July 24, 2012


For the first morning in a long while, my mum and I got to sleep in. This was a total necessary sleep in as we had to recharge our batteries. So after we diddle daddled, it was time for lunch. We had bakery goods, prosciutto and cheese croissant then a chocolate croissant afterwards haha!
Then it was time to start our big day. We caught the metro to one of the main stations, then transferred to a suburban network to head to Sitges, a coastal region with plenty of beaches to offer. It only took 30 minutes and the first thing we did was drink a fresh juice each. This mango coconut concoction was so good we ended up having 2 more each later on.
We walked along a street parallel to the beach for a bit, popping in through the shops then finally taking an alleyway down to the sand. We didn't pack swimmers on this trip so we enjoyed it from the sand. Well, Australia has much better looking beaches anyway so we weren't too sad. I totally get why its a haven for lots of tourists though, I mean the rest of Europe needs to go somewhere for beaches while in Australia we get spoiled with god-smacking gorgeous beaches. everywhere. 
Anyway, we met a lovely gay couple that we chatted with for about half an hour. They were from the UK and they were super friendly! Mum and I kept dropping smooth conversation enders but they just wanted to keep on conversing haha! Then at the end, one of them gave my mum and I both two kisses each, wet and sloppy on each cheek! But we were totally touched by his warmth.
They all have turtle toys on strings like pets haha how cute!
I didn't wanna expose anyone but this one is small so meh. I didn't realise till I put it on my computer… one girl topless with 3 guys just you know hanging, literally AND those 4 girls are ALL topless on a touristy beach! I would never! I sound like a nun!
We then realised that there were a lot of gay people about. I soon learned that there's a really great gay beach on one side, and even a nude gay beach further out! 
You can probably play spot the topless here too (just kidding, y'all are perverts!)
Anyway, mum and I decided to walk past all the different beaches and we started realising that even though these beaches weren't nude beaches… the girls didn't really care. I saw so many boobs ranging from teens to grannies. I even realised that I had accidentally taken some boob shots when I wanted beach scenery when I was flicking through on my computer hahaha! 
My mum and I found it SO super strange. Can you imagine just hanging out with your friends that are boys and girls and just waving your tits about like arms in the air? I totally can't. Maybe with girlfriends maybe maybe not really maybe not at all. 
It'd be okay if you were in a nude beach surrounded by people wanting to tan their titties like you. I'd just feel so weird having a huge beach street right next to the beach and children are running about, and people fully clothed too. Just me maybe! It was good to see the beach though and just do nothing for a few hours. This holiday has been more of a jam, cram, learn & walk lots kinda trip.
Then we walked back, had more fruits and juice and took the train into the city. From the city we took the metro to the outskirts to Parc Guell. A park that Guadi had designed. 
You think park and you think public, relax, flat. THIS PARK WAS ON TOP OF A MOUNTAIN! You had to walk up like a San Franciscan street but worse, and luckily they had like 8 escalators along the way to help you out in between the walking!
Once we got to the top, we were not only greeted by beautiful architecture of Guadi but a view of Barcelona too. Mum was too tired out to go down to really see the architecture so we headed back. 
We stopped by a department store and I let my mum have one last spurt before our departure to London tomorrow. And after London? Its home time :(
My mum and I both bought some lovely togs on sale, a shame we didn't get to use it today at the beach. 
For dinner, we had the traditional Spanish paella and it was delicious! We were so surprised! I mean I've had Paella before but not this good! Yum yum!
P.s I give in, Barcelona is beautiful!