Thursday, July 5, 2012


Today we had a 5 hour train ride from Vienna to Prague. I was lucky enough to score 3 seats so I sprawled out like a cat and read my book. I also took a half an hour nap, then fed on Toblerone and Peanut M&M's. Bohemia state of Prague is apparently known for crystals! The journey surprisingly didn't take too long. Maybe I'm getting used to the long travels, or time goes by faster when you're spread out over 3 butt's worth of seats. We changed to local train then settled into our hotel. Mum did a little bit of shopping because there were two stores that had just the clothes she likes, which is rare to find! Then we went by to the Old Town Square.. there seemed to be some festivity going on because there were stalls and people everywhere. We walked around, bought our souvenirs and enjoyed the beautiful architecture. Then we went over to Namesti Republic, then walked back to Charles Bridge where we enjoyed spectacular views. I particularly enjoyed the wonderful music played by 5 old bones. I was such a little nerd standing right at the front like a happy child. I was so happy I bought their jazz/folk CD.. I was so embarrassed because I bought it in front of a huge crowd then they dragged me in to let my mum take a photo because she screamed out, "MY DAUGHTER REALLY LIKES YOU GUYS CAN SHE PLEASE TAKE PHOTO!?" I secretly wanted one anyway but I had to run as soon as it was taken because I was flooded with embarrassment. Then we stopped by this restaurant and enjoyed Old Prague goulash soup and Uruguay steak. Holy crap it was remarkable. The steak just melted onto our tongues and the soup buzzed the taste buds! We were so happy, we made ourselves even more happy by treating ourselves to tiramisu. I think the waiters enjoyed our company - they gave us a complimentary plum liquor shot each AND handed us a rose! How cute! Czech dude wanted a photo with me……? My mum didn't wanna take it so I took both shots. She's such a chicken! It was a lovely day. Prague is beautiful. Today was SO HOT. We thought it'd be cloudy and cooler like yesterday so I put on BLACK SKINNY JEANS. Absolutely ridiculous. What was I thinking? We headed off onto the other side of the river where gorgeous historical buildings sit clustered on hills. We saw the St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague Castle, other palaces and I don't know what they were… but the view from this hill was also breathtaking! It was super hot though so we were dying out of energy fast! The metro system was being shut for construction so the tourists got thrown into haywire. That took a lot of our day time away but I managed to figure out the trams. So I let mum look around for handbags but with no prevail, then we went over to Karlovo Namesti - where we saw this Dancing House architecture that apparently is renowned but it wasn't too awesome. Still interesting to look at I guess. Then we came home, absolutely dehydrated, sweating and tired. I've got a pounding headache from the sun. Our energy levels are starting to diminish as we get to a new city, further into our travels. Dancing House Hotel elevator has a seat!