Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lisbon I

Can you believe all this is made out of CORK!? Its amazing, its as versatile as leather!! Apparently the trees need their barks stripped otherwise they die, and then they can make those bark into all these goodies! Saves the moo moo cows!
3 wheeled tuk tuk
Today was all about travel. Re-location from Ireland to Portugal. The airport was so so so slow. We waited about 2 hours to go through immigration after we landed. Then another 1 hour to wait for the bus to come take us to the city centre. My mum went and did the laundry, its hung up all around our green coloured très modern hotel now like Christmas lights. 
We went and had two juices each to quench our thirsts then relaxed. Had dinner (awesome spit roast chicken and also had to play scissors paper rock to see who would scoff down the remaining food). Relaxed some more. Planned tomorrow. Slept. 
Portugal = tile mania everything but its beautiful
I was like NAWW SO CUTE! When it was digging the hole… then it squatted down and did its business! I HAD NO IDEA CATS DIG A HOLE THEN COVER IT, HOW POLITE!
Oh Lisbon, Lisbon, Lisbon! How thee entrance Deena with thy beauty!! No, seriously - Portugal is gorgeous. We decided to do a hectic hike today instead of transportation so we spent the first few hours walking around town, then started trucking up Alfama then up to the top of the hill where we passed delicious structures such as a Cathedral to reach Castelo S. Jorge! This is a castle that is different to most in Europe as it wasn't built for luxury residence. It was to house the military.
We spent many hours exploring, going up to the top ridge then back down, weaving through doorways and stairways. Absorbing in all of the Lisbon sights and sea that surround the castle below. Then we had samosas for lunch and continued again, finishing off with the ruins, Islamic quarter than the museum with archaeological finds.

This guy paints with 100% Arabica coffee! 
Afterwards, we strolled to the edge of Lisbon, Avenida Infante D. Henrique where we looked out to sea and let the water lap at our feet. We ate gelato. Then we walked straight up a big street with shops and we enjoyed the street performers, souvenirs and crafts.
Ginja - Cherry liqeuer shot in a dark chocolate cup! YUM! Trust mum to get drunk off it! 
We had spit roast chicken again for dinner, this time with Piri Piri sauce (boy its spicy!) then had a freshly squeezed OJ before heading back to our hotel. Lisbon is so beautiful. La la laaa~
Mum looks like Ronald McDonald
Look at my face! I'm totally lost into the Portugese chicken already! We all know how much I love my Nandos!


lalaaaanita said...

You really are incredibly beautiful. Like, I hadn't noticed the extent of it until now.

Also, have you heard from Bailey lately? :D