Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Ever since I heard this booming toilet play loud classical tunes, I can't stop humming Mozart songs in my head all day! Its actually so funny walking past it. If you wanted to do some nasty pooping business, go here. No one will here ya! Opera House We scurried to the train station in the morning - I swear we've been eating chocolate croissants for breakfast everyday! Then we took our little bottoms on to the train and left for Wien (Vienna, Austria). The ride was about 3 hours which was refreshing from the 7 hours it took for us to get to Budapest. After that, we trekked over to our hotel. Freshened up, gave our toes a little break then started off the day. Sorry I'm immature haha Motherino on the traino We headed over to the Opera House first, where we got sucked in by people dressed up like the French Monarchy to buy tickets to a Mozart/Strauss concert. Not many people know but I actually have a little thang for classical music. Yes I purposely wrote thang to give it more edge. I guess its because my mum raised me up on it, she was a classical pianist and opera singer before she let that go to parent two little monsters. Lol, my mum just filmed me doing cartwheels on the lawn and I forgot to untuck my singlet. Dork! We then went to see St Stephen's Cathedral which was a gorgeous building. Everything in Europe is so old that its always getting fixed. A lot of the places we go to have scaffolding on it, which makes me sad because it looks crappola in photos. Strange thing about Austria is that EVERYTHING is closed on Sundays! Except touristic places and some cafes. Isn't that amazing? This does two things for you: 1. Shade 2. Soak in the sweat We went over to Hofburg Palace and walked through the gardens until we got to the MuseumsQuartier. Apparently its the 8th largest cultural centre. Then we looked at some souvenir shops then went to Palffy Theatre to watch our concert. It was pretty darn good. The violinists were amazing. It sounded like there were 20 of them in there! We were so stoked by this concert that we decided to get tickets for Monday night, paying double the price to take ourselves to a seat in the Golden Hall (home of the Vienna Philharmonic that gets aired worldwide on New Years rah rah). Modern transport Not so modern transport Thank gosh its summer because, we only brought casual clothes. Apparently in the summer you can be as bogan as you like at the concert. Woohoo! Now we indulged in some chocolates we bought today but it melted in our bags. Opera This crazy street map of Vienna does nothing for tourists. Its so jam-packed that the letters are smooched together. I certainly had a fun time with it. Mum thought me sleeping in intermission next to the woman painting was funny.. haha okay I laughed too DAY 2 of VIENNA! We pretty much went shopping this day. Kept it simple and helped us relax from our fast paced journey so far. We went to Naschmarkt in the morning which is a 1.5km span of markets. It takes on a bazaar look… and I mean this as.. Indians selling the same hippie stuff for metres and metres. I don't get how they make money if they don't have variations. This cute fella nudged me at the back of my knee for attention. I want to take him home! He's such a handsome monarchist The food options were awesome though. I couldn't resist a chicken kebab. The lady let me try some chicken and they were so scrumptious I had to betray my usual lamb choice! Some things I bought.. I took photos for mum haha Loved this dude throwing his dance moves out with all of his energy with only that little box to hold him. He was making a lot more money than other buskers because you know, at least he was giving it his everything. I liked that he wasn't begging but doing whatever if he can to make a buck. Even if it was to slap on some shiny cape and dance half naked on the street to radio music. He made my day! So embarrassing walking around like I coordinated my shopping bag and postal box Afterwards we walked up Kartner Strauss for some shopping. I told myself to control because I didn't want to load up my backpack with heavy stuff. But is Europe on crazy sale lately? The sales are AMAZING AND HUGE! I ended up buying a handful of GREAT clothing articles! Then we relaxed in a cafe. Went to the postoffice to send off some stuff then ate dinner at an Italian restaurant. That one was still better than the touristic restaurants in Italy too! If it doesn't fit me, it won't fit the boy so I tried it hahahaha We came home to relax a little. Stretch out our toes and wipe the sweat off our heated faces, then headed back out to Golden Hall where we watched our second concert. It was good. Both were good for different reasons. This one was better quality but the other one was more intimate. We met some Indonesians from America who shared the box with us. We came home late after the concert finished so my brains are racked for the upset in my sleep schedule. Random dude we asked took such a crooked photo! It was super hot so I walked through the sprinklers... DAY 3! Was a little lazy.. I think we're getting worn down so we shopped, ate some Japanese lunch that wasn't so good and then headed over to Belvedere Palace. The fish from the lunch started getting to my allergic head so we headed on home. Time for cat nap and preps for Prague tomorrow!