Monday, February 8, 2010


My Melbourne friend, Wubsley decided to escape his boring town and join my hood for a few days. His plane landed in the Gold Coast so I had a lovely drive in the blinding rain for 1.5 hrs. Afterwards, we went to the Casino to wait for shops to start trading. I shouted brunch because I won 30 dollars :)

After brunch, we just chilled on the beach, walked and looked around then went to Infinity! An attraction that is dedicated to illusions and creating figments of your imagination into reality. I had a lot of fun, here's our sourvenir photo.

We returned to Brisbane, hired Zoolander and ordered pizza to locally eat with Yuvi. The plan was to show Wubs Southbank but we got caught up and hung out at the field of Man til 4.30a.m (which marked the 2nd night of all nighters for Wubs and I)
As previously mentioned, I had a lack of sleep and I ended up getting into a quite so serious fight without any serious reasoning with Yuvi (black Indian boy lol) and we got grass, mud and ants everywhere. I took beatings, throwdowns, slaps and violation and after waking up today - I don't know what I was thinking.
I do remember that I give a mighty slap, a mean punch and a monster kick baha!

Wubs and I was 1 hr short of our 48 hour awake milestone, but we did end up watching Zoolander today!


wubs said...

took bad photos when i fell asleep =[ but i got u at dreamworld with your table drooling face sticking dripping down your neck drool antics